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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Optical Fiber Refractometer based on a Fabry-Pérot InterferometerPaulo Caldas; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva; José Luís Santos
2011Optical Fiber Refractometry Based on Multimode InterferenceFrancisco Araújo; Jaime Viegas; Luís Alberto Ferreira; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva
2010Optical Fiber Sensing System Based on Long-Period Gratings for Remote Refractive Index Measurement in Aqueous EnvironmentsPedro Jorge; Paulo Caldas; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; C. Silva; J. M. P. Coelho
2014Optical Inclinometer Based on a Phase-Shifted Bragg Grating in a Taper ConfigurationMoura,JP; Susana Oliveira Silva; Becker,M; Rothhardt,M; Bartelt,H; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2006Optical inclinometer based on a single long-period fiber grating combined with a fused taperOrlando Frazão; J L Fabris; Rosane Falate ; José Luís Santos; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo
2013Optical inclinometer based on phase-shifted Bragg grating in a taper configurationMoura,JPP; Susana Oliveira Silva; Becker,M; Rothardt,M; Bartelt,H; Orlando Frazão
2014Optical Phase Refractometer Based on Post-Processed Interferometric Tip SensorsMarta Sofia Ferreira; Bierlich,J; Unger,S; Schuster,K; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2009Optical refractometer based on a birefringent Bragg grating written in an H-shape fiberW Urbanczyk; José Manuel Baptista; José Luís Santos; J Wojcik; Orlando Frazão; T Martynkien
2011Optical Refractometer based on Large-Core, Air-Clad Photonic Crystal fibersKay Schuster; F. Xavier Malcata; Jens Kobelke; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva; José Luís Santos
2011Optical Refractometer Based on Multimode Interference in a Pure Silica TubeJosé Luís Santos; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; Orlando Frazão; Luís Carlos Coelho
2008Optical sensing with photonic crystal fibersOrlando Frazão; Luís Alberto Ferreira; José Luís Santos; Francisco Araújo
2011Optimization of the Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Technique for Referencing and Multiplexing Intensity-Based Fiber Optic SensorsFrancisco Araújo; José Manuel Baptista; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Orlando Frazão; Rosa Ana R. Perez-Herrera; Dionisio Pereira; M. Lopez-Amo; José Luís Santos; João Ferreira
2013Parallel Fabry-Perot interferometer in suspended twin-core fiberRicardo Melo André; Kobelke,J; Schuster,K; Bartelt,H; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Orlando Frazão
2014Phase-sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Assisted by First-order Raman Amplification for Distributed Vibration Sensing Over 100 kmMartins,HF; Martin Lopez,S; Corredera,P; Filograno,ML; Orlando Frazão; Gonzalez Herraez,M
2010PMD Measurements based on Low-Coherence Interferometry using a Michelson InterferometerM. J. N. Lima; Orlando Frazão; Manuel Joaquim Marques; L. J. Teixeira; Luís Amaral; D. A. Pereira
2017Polymer and tapered silica fiber connection for polymer fiber sensor applicationFerreira,MFS; André Delgado Gomes; Kowal,D; Statkiewicz Barabach,G; Mergo,P; Orlando Frazão
2014Post-processing fibers for sensing applicationsOrlando Frazão; Ferreira,MS; Andre,RM; Susana Oliveira Silva; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Santos,JL
2013Post-Processing of Fabry-Perot Microcavity Tip SensorMarta Sofia Ferreira; Bierlich,J; Unger,S; Schuster,K; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2012Pressure and Temperature Characterization of Two Interferometric Configurations Based on Suspended-Core FibersJosé Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; K. Schuster; J. Kobelke; S. H. Aref; M. Zibaii; M. Kheiri; H. Porbeyram; H. Latifi; Francisco Araújo; Luís Alberto Ferreira
2013Pressure Sensor based on an all-fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer for different gaseous environmentsSusana Oliveira Silva; Luís Carlos Coelho; Orlando Frazão