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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Scenario Identification Process in Fuzzy Spatial Load ForecastingCláudio Monteiro; Vladimiro Miranda; Teresa Ponce Leão
2016Setting the Maximum Import Net Transfer Capacity under Extreme RES Integration ScenariosManuel Matos; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Carla Silva Gonçalves; Laura Luciana Cavalcante; Vladimiro Miranda; Machado,N; Marques,P; Matos,F
2013Simplified Cross-Entropy Based Approach for Generating Capacity Reliability AssessmentLeonel Magalhães Carvalho; Gonzalez Fernandez,RA; Leite da Silva,AML; da Rosa,MA; Vladimiro Miranda
2014Solar power forecasting in smart grids using distributed informationRicardo Jorge Bessa; Trindade,A; Monteiro,A; Vladimiro Miranda; Silva,CSP
1996SOLARGIS - Regional Studies in Cabo VerdeCláudio Monteiro; Vladimiro Miranda
2000Some Practical Issues in the Migration of State Estimation Modules from EMS to DMS SystemsJorge Correia Pereira; Vladimiro Miranda; João Tomé Saraiva
2001Spatial Offer and demand forecasting with Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems in GISCláudio Monteiro; Tatjana Konjic; Vladimiro Miranda
2015Spatial-Temporal Solar Power Forecasting for Smart GridsRicardo Jorge Bessa; Trindade,A; Vladimiro Miranda
2009State Estimation Based on Correntropy: A Proof of ConceptJorge Correia Pereira; Vladimiro Miranda; André Santos
1996State Estimation in DMS - Combining Fuzzy Information and MeasurementsJoão Tomé Saraiva; Jorge Correia Pereira; Vladimiro Miranda
2015Statistical Tuning of DEEPSO Soft Constraints in the Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow ProblemLeonel Magalhães Carvalho; Loureiro,F; Jean Sumaili; Keko,H; Vladimiro Miranda; Marcelino,CG; Wanner,EF
1998Stimulating Applied Research in Interface Institutions and Industry: a proposal of brokerage and consortium for the China/Portugal caseVladimiro Miranda
2008Stochastic Star Communication Topology in Evolutionary Particle Swarms (EPSO)Vladimiro Miranda; Hrvoje Keko; Alvaro Jaramillo Junior
2012Time Adaptive Conditional Kernel Density Estimation for Wind Power ForecastingJianhui Wang; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Emil Constantinescu
2011Time-adaptive kernel density forecast: a new method for wind power uncertainty modelingEmil Constantinescu; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Jean Sumaili; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Jianhui Wang
2012Time-Adaptive Quantile-Copula for Wind Power Probabilistic ForecastingJianhui Wang; Vladimiro Miranda; Audun Botterud; Zhi Zhou; Ricardo Jorge Bessa
2013Towards an Auto-Associative Topology State EstimatorKrstulovic,J; Vladimiro Miranda; Simoes Costa,AJAS; Jorge Correia Pereira
2012Transformer failure diagnosis by means of fuzzy rules extracted from Kohonen Self-Organizing MapVladimiro Miranda; Ana Carla Macedo da Silva; Adriana Garcez Castro
2011Transformer fault diagnosis based on autoassociative neural networksShigeaki Leite Lima; Adriana Garcez Castro; Vladimiro Miranda
2009A two-stage planning and control model toward Economically Adapted Power Distribution Systems using analytical hierarchy processes and fuzzy optimizationVladimiro Miranda; Gustavo Schweickardt