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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Daily stress and coping among emergency response officers: a case studySusana Cristina Rodrigues; Kaiseler,M; Queirós,C; Basto-Pereira,M
2015Deep convolutional neural networks for automatic identification of epileptic seizures in infrared and depth imagesAchilles,F; Belagiannis,V; Tombari,F; Loesch,A; João Paulo Cunha; Navab,N; Noachtar,S
2013Design and characterization of a wearable macrobending fiber optic sensor for human joint angle determinationSilva,AS; Catarino,A; Miguel Velhote Correia; Orlando Frazão
2017Designing Auditability in Social Networks to Prevent the Spread of False InformationAlexandre Hostand Souza; Cappelli,C; Maciel,C
2013Developmental dissociation of visual dorsal stream parvo and magnocellular representations and the functional impact of negative retinotopic BOLD responsesDuarte,IC; Cunha,G; Castelhano,J; Sales,F; Reis,A; João Paulo Cunha; Castelo Branco,M
2017A diffusion-based connectivity map of the GPi for optimised stereotactic targeting in DBSNádia Moreira Silva; Ahmadi,SA; Tafula,SN; João Paulo Cunha; Botzel,K; Vollmar,C; Rozanski,VE
2014E-legging for monitoring the human locomotion patternsCatarino,A; Rocha,AM; Abreu,MJ; Derogarian,F; José Machado da Silva; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia; Dias,R
2017End-to-end Adversarial Retinal Image SynthesisCosta,P; Adrian Galdran; Maria Inês Meyer; Niemeijer,M; Abramoff,M; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6071; 6381; 6825; 6835
2014Enhancing dynamic videos for surveillance and robotic applications: The robust bilateral and temporal filterAndry Maykol Pinto; Paulo José Costa; Miguel Velhote Correia; António Paulo Moreira
2016EP 114. Uncovering epileptic seizures – A feasibility study for the semiological analysis of hidden patient motion during epileptic seizuresAchilles,F; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Loesch,A; João Paulo Cunha; Remi,J; Vollmar,C; Tombari,F; Navab,N; Noachtar,S
2014A Flow-based Motion Perception Technique for an Autonomous Robot SystemAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Miguel Velhote Correia; Paulo José Costa
2017From water to energy: low cost water & energy consumptions readingsAntónio Cunha; Briga-Sá,A; Silva,E; Pereira,F; Pereira,S
2017Fusion-Based Variational Image DehazingAdrian Galdran; Vazquez Corral,J; Pardo,D; Bertalmio,M
2015The grafting of a thin layer of poly(sodium styrene sulfonate) onto poly(epsilon-caprolactone) surface can enhance fibroblast behaviorRohman,G; Huot,S; Carmo Vilas Boas; Radu Bostan,G; Castner,DG; Migonney,V
2017Heart rate variability metrics for fine-grained stress level assessmentPereira,T; Almeida,PR; João Paulo Cunha; Aguiar,A
2016Hessian based approaches for 3D lung nodule segmentationGoncalves,L; Novo,J; Aurélio Campilho
2012High dynamic range compressive imaging: a programmable imaging systemFilipe Tiago Magalhães; Mehrdad Abolbashari; Miguel Velhote Correia; Francisco Araújo; Faramarz Farahi
2012High-resolution hyperspectral single-pixel imaging system based on compressive sensingMehrdad Abolbashari; Filipe Tiago Magalhães; Miguel Velhote Correia; Francisco Araújo; Faramarz Farahi
2016iDEAS: A web-based system for dry eye assessmentBeatriz Remeseiro López; Barreira,N; Resúa,CG; Lira,M; Giráldez,MJ; Pimentel,EY; Penedo,MG
2017Learning Lung Nodule Malignancy Likelihood from Radiologist Annotations or Diagnosis DataGonçalves,L; Novo,J; António Cunha; Aurélio Campilho
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 74