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Title: Improving a simulated soccer team's performance through a Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering approach
Authors: Abreu,PH
João Mendes Moreira
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Collaborative filtering techniques have been used for some years, almost exclusively in Internet environments, helping users find items they are expected to like by using the user's past purchases to provide such recommendations. With this concept in mind, this research uses a collaborative filtering technique to automatically improve the performance of a simulated soccer team. Many studies have attempted to address this problem over the last years but none has shown meaningful improvements in the performance of the soccer team. Using a collaborative filtering technique based on nearest neighbors and the FC Portugal team as the test subject (in the context of the RoboCup 2D Simulation League), several simulations were run for matches against different teams with much better, better and worse performance than FC Portugal. The strategy used by FC Portugal was to combine 8 set-plays and 2 team formations. The simulation results revealed an improvement in performance between 32% and 384%. In the future, there are plans to expand this approach to other contexts, such as the 3D Simulation League.
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