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dc.contributor.authorJosé Paiva Proençaen
dc.description.abstractDynamic software product lines (DSPLs) combine the advantages of traditional SPLs, such as an explicit variability model connected to an integrated repository of reusable code artefacts, with the ability to exploit a system's variability at runtime. When a system needs to adapt, for example to changes in operational environment or functional requirements, DSPL systems are capable of adapting their behaviour dynamically, thus avoiding the need to halt, recompile and redeploy. The field of DSPL engineering is still in formation and general-purpose DSPL development languages and tools are rare. In this paper we introduce a language and execution environment for developing and running dynamic SPLs. Our work builds on ABS, a language and integrated development environment with dedicated support for implementing static software product lines. Our ABS extension advances the scope of ABS to dynamic SPL engineering. Systems developed using ABS are compiled to Java, and are thus executable on a wide range of platforms. Copyright 2013 ACM.en
dc.titleExecutable modelling of dynamic software product lines in the ABS languageen
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