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Title: Completeness and Decidability Results for Hybrid(ised) Logics
Authors: Renato Jorge Neves
Luís Soares Barbosa
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Adding to the modal description of transition structures the ability to refer to specific states, hybrid(ised) logics provide an interesting framework for the specification of reconfigurable systems. The qualifier 'hybrid(ised)' refers to a generic method of developing, on top of whatever specification logic is used to model software configurations, the elements of an hybrid language, including nominals and modalities. In such a context, this paper shows how a calculus for a hybrid(ised) logic can be generated from a calculus of the base logic and that, moreover, it preserves soundness and completeness. A second contribution establishes that hybridising a decidable logic also gives rise to a decidable hybrid(ised) one. These results pave the way to the development of dedicated proof tools for such logics used in the design of reconfigurable systems.
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