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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Audiovisual Classification of Group Emotion Valence Using Activity Recognition NetworksPinto,C; Jaime Cardoso; Carvalho,P; Gonçalves,F; Fonseca,J; João Tiago Pinto; Tiago Filipe Gonçalves; Sanhudo,L; 3889; 7804; 7250
2019Deep Neural Networks for Biometric Identification Based on Non-Intrusive ECG AcquisitionsJaime Cardoso; João Tiago Pinto; Lourenço,A; 7250; 3889
2019Don’t You Forget About Me: A Study on Long-Term Performance in ECG BiometricsJoão Tiago Pinto; Lopes,G; Jaime Cardoso; 3889; 7250
2021ECG BiometricsJaime Cardoso; João Tiago Pinto; 7250; 3889
2019An End-to-End Convolutional Neural Network for ECG-Based Biometric AuthenticationJaime Cardoso; João Tiago Pinto; 7250; 3889
2018Evolution, Current Challenges, and Future Possibilities in ECG BiometricsJoão Tiago Pinto; Jaime Cardoso; Lourenco,A; 7250; 3889
2020Explaining ECG Biometrics: Is It All In The QRS?João Tiago Pinto; Jaime Cardoso; 3889; 7250
2020Interpretable Biometrics: Should We Rethink How Presentation Attack Detection is Evaluated?Ana Filipa Sequeira; Jaime Cardoso; Tiago Filipe Gonçalves; João Tiago Pinto; Wilson Santos Silva; 6661; 3889; 5461; 7250; 7804
2021MFR 2021: Masked Face Recognition CompetitionHan,D; Aginako,N; Sierra,B; Nieto,M; Erakin,ME; Demir,U; Ekenel,HK; Kataoka,A; Ichikawa,K; Kubo,S; Zhang,J; He,M; Montero,D; Shan,S; Grm,K; Struc,V; Seneviratne,S; Kasthuriarachchi,N; Rasnayaka,S; Pedro David Carneiro; Sequeira,AF; João Tiago Pinto; Saffari,M; Jaime Cardoso; Boutros,F; Damer,N; Kolf,JN; Raja,K; Kirchbuchner,F; Ramachandra,R; Kuijper,A; Fang,P; Zhang,C; Wang,F; 3889; 7250; 8292
2021Mixture-Based Open World Face RecognitionJoão Tiago Pinto; Matta,A; Jaime Cardoso; 3889; 7250
2020Secure Triplet Loss for End-to-End Deep BiometricsMiguel Velhote Correia; João Tiago Pinto; Jaime Cardoso; 4996; 3889; 7250
2021Secure Triplet Loss: Achieving Cancelability and Non-Linkability in End-to-End Deep BiometricsJoão Tiago Pinto; Miguel Velhote Correia; Jaime Cardoso; 3889; 4996; 7250
2020Self-Learning with Stochastic Triplet LossJaime Cardoso; João Tiago Pinto; 7250; 3889
2018A Uniform Performance Index for Ordinal Classification with Imbalanced ClassesJoão Tiago Pinto; Silva,W; Cardoso,JS; 7250