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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017ECOAL Project-Delivering Solutions for Integrated Monitoring of Coal-Related Fires Supported on Optical Fiber Sensing TechnologyRibeiro,J; Carlos Duarte Viveiros; João Ferreira; Lopez Gil,A; Dominguez Lopez,A; Martins,HF; Perez Herrera,R; Lopez Aldaba,A; Duarte,L; Pinto,A; Martin Lopez,S; Baierl,H; Jamier,R; Rougier,S; Auguste,JL; Teodoro,AC; Goncalves,JA; Esteban,O; Santos,JL; Roy,P; Lopez Amo,M; Gonzalez Herraez,M; José Manuel Baptista; Flores,D
2014Evaporation of fluids in suspended-core fibresMoura,JP; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Roy,P; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2014Evaporation of volatile compounds in suspended-core fibersMoura,JP; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Roy,P; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão
2015Experimental and Numerical Characterization of a Hybrid Fabry-Perot Cavity for Temperature SensingLopez Aldaba,A; Rodrigues Pinto,AMR; Lopez Amo,M; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; José Manuel Baptista; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Roy,P
2014Fiber Optic Sensing System for Monitoring of Coal Waste Piles in CombustionCarlos Duarte Viveiros; Ribeiro,J; Carvalho,JP; João Ferreira; Pinto,AMR; Perez Herrera,RA; Diaz,S; Lopez Gil,A; Dominguez Lopez,A; Esteban,O; Hugo Fidalgo Martins; Martin Lopez,S; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Rougier,S; José Luís Santos; Flores,D; Roy,P; Gonzalez Herraez,M; Lopez Amo,M; José Manuel Baptista
2014Multiparameter measurement using a double-Y-shaped suspendedcore fiber in a fiber loop configurationSusana Oliveira Silva; Baierl,H; Auguste,JL; Jamier,R; Roy,P; José Manuel Baptista; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão