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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Development of a new system for real-time detection of radon using scintillating optical fibersCoelho,L; Diana Filipa Guimarães; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Catarina Silva Monteiro; 6888; 6568; 6363
2015Intrinsic vs. spurious long-range memory in high-frequency records of environmental radioactivity Critical re-assessment and application to indoor Rn-222 concentrations from Coimbra, PortugalDonner,RV; Potirakis,SM; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Matos,JAO; Pereira,AJSC; Neves,LJPF
2016Long-term changes in the seasonality of Baltic sea levelSusana Alexandra Barbosa; Donner,RV
2015Preliminary results on soil-emitted gamma radiation and its relation with the local atmospheric electric field at Amieira (Portugal)Lopes,F; Silva,HG; Barias,S; Susana Alexandra Barbosa
2015Radon applications in geosciences - Progress & perspectivesSusana Alexandra Barbosa; Donner,RV; Steinitz,G
2016Saharan dust electrification perceived by a triangle of atmospheric electricity stations in Southern PortugalSilva,HG; Lopes,FM; Pereira,S; Nicoll,K; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Conceicao,R; Neves,S; Harrison,RG; Collares Pereira,MC
2017Short-term variability of gamma radiation at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic facility (Azores)Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Miranda,P; Azevedo,EB
2015Temporal variability of radon in a remediated tailing of uranium ore processing - the case of Urgeirica (central Portugal)Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Lopes,F; Correia,AD; Barbosa,S; Pereira,AC; Neves,LF
2016Trends in Extreme Mean Sea Level Quantiles from Satellite AltimetrySusana Alexandra Barbosa
2018Variabilidade de alta frequência do radão num ambiente interior estávelSusana Alexandra Barbosa; et. al.,; 6363
2017Vertical land motion and sea level change in MacaronesiaMendes,VB; Susana Alexandra Barbosa; Romero,I; Madeira,J; da Silveira,AB
2016Wavelet-Based Clustering of Sea Level RecordsSusana Alexandra Barbosa; Gouveia,S; Scotto,MG; Alonso,AM