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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Deposition parameters and annealing key role in setting structural and polar properties of Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.9Mn0.1O3 thin filmsCarvalho,TT; Figueiras,FG; Pereira,SMS; José Ramiro Fernandes; Perez de la Cruz,JP; Tavares,PB; Almeida,A; Agostinho Moreira,JA
2017Disinfection of simulated and real winery wastewater using sulphate radicals: Peroxymonosulphate/transition metal/UV-A LED oxidationRodriguez Chueca,J; Moreira,SI; Lucas,MS; José Ramiro Fernandes; Tavares,PB; Sampaio,A; Peres,JA
2013Induced polarized state in intentionally grown oxygen deficient KTaO3 thin filmsMota,DA; Romaguera Barcelay,Y; Tkach,A; Javier Cruz; Vilarinho,PM; Tavares,PB; Agostinho Moreira,JA; Almeida,A
2017Monitoring of oxidation phases of copper thin films using long period fiber gratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; Agostinho Moreira,JA; Tavares,PB; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas; José Almeida
2015Photocatalytic discolouration of Reactive Black 5 by UV-A LEDs and solar radiationRodríguez Chueca,J; Ferreira,LC; José Ramiro Fernandes; Tavares,PB; Lucas,MS; Peres,JA
2016Photocatalytic oxidation of Reactive Black 5 with UV-A LEDsFerreira,LC; Lucasa,MS; José Ramiro Fernandes; Tavares,PB
2013Room temperature structure and multiferroic properties in Bi0.7La0.3FeO3 ceramicsCarvalho,TT; José Ramiro Fernandes; Perez de la Cruz,JP; Vidal,JV; Sobolev,NA; Figueiras,F; Das,S; Amaral,VS; Almeida,A; Agostinho Moreira,JA; Tavares,PB
2016Treatment of crystallized-fruit wastewater by UV-A LED photo-Fenton and coagulation flocculationRodriguez Chueca,J; Amor,C; José Ramiro Fernandes; Tavares,PB; Lucas,MS; Peres,JA