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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adaptive Portfolio Optimization for Multiple Electricity Markets ParticipationPinto,T; Morais,H; Sousa,TM; Sousa,T; Vale,Z; Praca,I; Faia,R; Eduardo Pires
2015Constrained consumption shifting management in the distributed energy resources scheduling considering demand responseFaria,P; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2018Data mining for prosumers aggregation considering the self-generationRibeiro,C; Pinto,T; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2015Decision Support for Energy Contracts Negotiation with Game Theory and Adaptive LearningPinto,T; Vale,Z; Praca,I; Eduardo Pires; Lopes,F
2015Demand Response Programs Design and Use Considering Intensive Penetration of Distributed GenerationFaria,P; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2016A multi-objective model for the day-ahead energy resource scheduling of a smart grid with high penetration of sensitive loadsSoares,J; Fotouhi Ghazvini,AF; Vale,Z; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2017Remuneration and tariffs in the context of virtual power playersRibeiro,C; Pinto,T; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2017Remuneration and Tariffs in the Context of Virtual Power PlayersRibeiro,C; Pinto,T; Vale,Z; José Ribeiro Baptista
2016Scenario generation for electric vehicles' uncertain behavior in a smart city environmentSoares,J; Borges,N; Ghazvini,MAF; Vale,Z; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2015Six thinking hats: A novel metalearner for intelligent decision support in electricity marketsPinto,T; Barreto,J; Praca,I; Sousa,TM; Vale,Z; Eduardo Pires