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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of Microsoft Kinect in the Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Stroke PatientsAbreu,Joao; Rebelo,Sergio; Hugo Paredes; João Barroso; Paulo Martins; Arsénio Reis; Amorim,EuricoVasco; Vitor Manuel Filipe
2017Design of Geographic Information Systems to Promote Accessibility and Universal AccessHugo Ricardo Fernandes; Teixeira,R; Daniel,B; Alves,C; Arsénio Reis; Hugo Paredes; Vitor Manuel Filipe; João Barroso
2017Designing Autonomous Systems Interactions with Elderly PeopleArsénio Reis; Barroso,I; Monteiro,MJ; Khanal,SR; Rodrigues,V; Vitor Manuel Filipe; Hugo Paredes; João Barroso
2016Developing a System for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation: An Exergames ApproachArsénio Reis; Lains,J; Hugo Paredes; Vitor Manuel Filipe; Abrantes,C; Ferreira,F; Mendes,R; Amorim,P; João Barroso
2017Dynamic feet distance: A new functional assessment during treadmill locomotion in normal and thoracic spinal cord injured ratsDiogo,CC; da Costa,LM; Pereira,JE; Vitor Manuel Filipe; Couto,PA; Magalhaes,LG; Geuna,S; Armada da Silva,PA; Mauricio,AC; Varejao,AS
2014Integrating computer vision object recognition with location based services for the blindHugo Ricardo Fernandes; Costa,P; Hugo Paredes; Vitor Manuel Filipe; João Barroso
2017International Conference on Technology and Innovation in Sports, Health and Wellbeing (TISHW)Garatea,J; Garatea,J; Muñoz,I; Muñoz,I; Ala,S; Cardoso,F; Gelautz,M; Seitner,F; Kapeller,C; Brosch,N; Buresova,I; Huteckova,S; Huteckova,S; Buresová,I; Bartosova,K; Bartosova,K; Frydrychova,Z; Frydrychova,Z; Pires,M; Almeida,L; Neiva,H; Marques,M; Travassos,B; Marinho,D; Sousa,AC; Sousa,AC; Travassos,BF; Gil,MH; Gil,MH; Neiva,HP; Neiva,HP; Marinho,DA; Marinho,DA; Marques,MC; Marques,MC; Rocha,T; Saffoury,R; Blank,P; Sessner,J; Groh,B; Martindale,C; Dorschky,E; Franke,J; Eskofier,B; Barros,G; Melo,F; Oliveira,R; Borges,J; Paulino,D; Vitor Manuel Filipe; João Barroso; Ribeiro,J; Justino,E; Santos,V; Santos,V; Santos,V; Santos,V; Santos,V; Arsénio Reis; Amorim,V; Filipe,V; Filipe,V; Dennis Lourenço Paulino; Reis,A; Reis,A; Reis,A; Reis,A; Reis,A; Reis,A; Paredes,H; Paredes,H; Paredes,H; Paredes,H; Paredes,H; Barroso,J; Barroso,J; Barroso,J; Barroso,J; Barroso,J
2016Probe and Sensors Development for Level Measurement of Fats, Oils and Grease in Grease BoxesFaria,J; André Filipe Sousa; Arsénio Reis; Vitor Manuel Filipe; João Barroso