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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The current state of fake news: challenges and opportunitiesÁlvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2017Detecting Journalistic Relevance on Social Media: A two-case study using automatic surrogate featuresÁlvaro Figueira; Nuno Ricardo Guimarães
2016EduBridge Social Bridging Social Networks and Learning Management SystemsLuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Improving the benchmarking of social media content strategies using clustering and KPILuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Journalistic Relevance Classification in Social Network Messages: an Exploratory ApproachMiguel Oliveira Sandim; Paula Teixeira Fortuna; Álvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2017A LEARNING AND SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – VERSION 3.0Álvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2016Lexicon Expansion System for Domain and Time Oriented Sentiment AnalysisNuno Ricardo Guimarães; Luís Torgo; Álvaro Figueira
2014Managing and assessing group work from a distanceÁlvaro Figueira; Pereira,Rui
2009Mapping e-Learning Interactions using Social Network AnalysisÁlvaro Figueira
2017Measuring the return on communication investments on social media: The case of the higher education sectorLuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Mining Moodle Logs for Grade Prediction: A methodology walk-throughÁlvaro Figueira
2013An Online Tool to Manage and Assess Collaborative Group WorkÁlvaro Figueira; Leal,H
2016Predicting Grades by Principal Component Analysis A Data Mining Approach to Learning AnalyicsÁlvaro Figueira
2015Predicting results from interaction patterns during online group workÁlvaro Figueira
2017Predicting the Relevance of Social Media Posts Based on Linguistic Features and Journalistic CriteriaPinto,A; Oliveira,HG; Álvaro Figueira; Alves,AO
2015Social Media Content Analysis in the Higher Education Sector: From Content to StrategyOliveira,L; Álvaro Figueira
2017Social network analytics in formal and informal learning environments with edubridge socialLuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017A System for Visualization and Analysis of Online Pedagogical InteractionsRei,A; Álvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2013Temporal visualization of a multidimensional network of news clipsGomes,F; José Luís Devezas; Álvaro Figueira