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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Clustering and classifying text documents a revisit to tagging integration methodsCunha,E; Álvaro Figueira; Mealha,O
2013Clustering Documents Using Tagging Communities and Semantic ProximityCunha,E; Álvaro Figueira; Mealha,O
2017Communication and resource usage analysis in online environments: An integrated social network analysis and data mining perspectiveÁlvaro Figueira
2013Community detection by local influenceCravino,N; Álvaro Figueira
2013The community structure of a multidimensional network of news clipsJosé Luís Devezas; Álvaro Figueira
2017The Complementary Nature of Different NLP Toolkits for Named Entity Recognition in Social MediaBatista,F; Álvaro Figueira
2013Creating and analysing a social network built from clips of online newsÁlvaro Figueira
2013Creating Interopearable e-Portfolios for Different Educational LevelsSoares,S; Álvaro Figueira
2017The current state of fake news: challenges and opportunitiesÁlvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2017Detecting Journalistic Relevance on Social Media: A two-case study using automatic surrogate featuresÁlvaro Figueira; Nuno Ricardo Guimarães
2016EduBridge Social Bridging Social Networks and Learning Management SystemsLuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Improving the benchmarking of social media content strategies using clustering and KPILuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Journalistic Relevance Classification in Social Network Messages: an Exploratory ApproachMiguel Oliveira Sandim; Paula Teixeira Fortuna; Álvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2017A LEARNING AND SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – VERSION 3.0Álvaro Figueira; Luciana Gomes Oliveira
2016Lexicon Expansion System for Domain and Time Oriented Sentiment AnalysisNuno Ricardo Guimarães; Luís Torgo; Álvaro Figueira
2014Managing and assessing group work from a distanceÁlvaro Figueira; Pereira,Rui
2009Mapping e-Learning Interactions using Social Network AnalysisÁlvaro Figueira
2017Measuring the return on communication investments on social media: The case of the higher education sectorLuciana Gomes Oliveira; Álvaro Figueira
2017Mining Moodle Logs for Grade Prediction: A methodology walk-throughÁlvaro Figueira