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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Design of an underwater sensor network perpetually powered from AUVsManuel Cândido Santos; Matos,A; Cruz,NA; Ferreira,B; Correia,V; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Henrique Salgado; 4730; 296; 4760
2018Elliptical Monopole Antenna on InP Substrate for Sub-THz RTD-based OscillatorsHenrique Salgado; Hugo Miguel Santos; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pinho,P; 296; 4760; 6335
2019Experimental Evaluation of Coupling Coils for Underwater Wireless Power TransferManuel Cândido Santos; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Correia,V; Silva,M; Francisco Ricardo Gonçalves; 4730; 6834; 4760
2018Experimental Evaluation of Resonant Tunnelling Diode Oscillators Employing Advanced Modulation FormatsHenrique Salgado; Joana Santos Tavares; Luís Manuel Pessoa; 5686; 296; 4760
2019Experimental Evaluation of TENGs for Energy Harvesting in Maritime ApplicationsRodrigues,C; Pereira,A; Ventura,J; Esteves,R; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Correia,V; Duarte,C; 4760
2020LASER diode-based transmitter module for optical wireless communicationsHenrique Salgado; Santos,HM; Kraemer,R; João Henrique Araújo; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pereira,F; 7658; 4760; 296
2019Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Modeling of Underwater ChannelLuís Manuel Pessoa; M.G. Kraemer,R; M. Salgado,H; 4760
2019Optical direct intensity modulation of a 79GHz resonant tunneling diode-photodetector oscillatorZhang,WK; Kelly,AE; Wasige,E; Henrique Salgado; Al Khalidi,A; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Joana Santos Tavares; Cantu,HI; Wang,J; Figueiredo,J; Watson,S; 296; 5686; 4760
2019Power Transmitter Design for Underwater WPTDuarte,C; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Silva,M; Correia,V; Goncalves,F; 4760
2019Resonant tunneling diode photodetectors for optical communicationsWatson,S; Kelly,A; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Henrique Salgado; Wasige,E; Wang,J; Cantu,H; Figueiredo,J; Joana Santos Tavares; Zhang,WK; 4760; 296; 5686
2019Scalable High-Gaussicity Split-Block Diagonal Horn Antenna for Integration with Sub-THz DevicesErick Delgado Lima; Henrique Salgado; Moro Melgar,D; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pinho,P; Hugo Miguel Santos; 6335; 4760; 296; 7162