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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A No-Reference Quality Metric for Retinal Vessel Tree SegmentationAdrian Galdran; Costa,P; Bria,A; Teresa Finisterra Araújo; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6825; 6320; 6381; 6071
2018Parametric model fitting-based approach for retinal blood vessel caliber estimation in eye fundus imagesTeresa Finisterra Araújo; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6320; 6381; 6071
2018A Pixel-Wise Distance Regression Approach for Joint Retinal Optical Disc and Fovea DetectionMaria Inês Meyer; Adrian Galdran; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6381; 6071; 6825; 6835
2018Towards an Automatic Lung Cancer Screening System in Low Dose Computed TomographyGuilherme Moreira Aresta; Teresa Finisterra Araújo; Jacobs,C; Ginneken,Bv; António Cunha; Ramos,I; Aurélio Campilho; 6320; 6071; 6271; 6321
2019An unsupervised metaheuristic search approach for segmentation and volume measurement of pulmonary nodules in lung CT scansElham Shakibapour; António Cunha; Guilherme Moreira Aresta; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6071; 6381; 7034; 6271; 6321
2018UOLO - Automatic Object Detection and Segmentation in Biomedical ImagesTeresa Finisterra Araújo; Guilherme Moreira Aresta; Adrian Galdran; Costa,P; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6825; 6321; 6320; 6381; 6071
2018Weakly Supervised Fog DetectionAdrian Galdran; Aurélio Campilho; Vazquez Corral,J; Costa,P; 6825; 6071
2018A Weakly-Supervised Framework for Interpretable Diabetic Retinopathy Detection on Retinal ImagesCosta,P; Adrian Galdran; Smailagic,A; Aurélio Campilho; 6071; 6825