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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Composing Least-change LensesNuno Moreira Macedo; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Alcino Cunha; Oliveira,JN
2017COMPOSITION IN STATE-BASED REPLICATED DATA TYPESPaulo Sérgio Almeida; Ferreira,C; Alcino Cunha; Carlos Baquero; 5612; 5607; 5596
2020Experiences on Teaching Alloy with an Automated Assessment PlatformAlcino Cunha; Carvalho,R; Pereira,J; Macedo,N; Silva,DC; Ramalho,MS; Paiva,ACR; Silva,R; 5612
2017Exploiting Partial Knowledge for Efficient Model AnalysisNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha; Pessoa,E
2015Exploring Scenario ExplorationNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha; Guimaraes,T
2016A Feature-based Classification of Model Repair ApproachesNuno Moreira Macedo; Tiago,Jorge; Alcino Cunha
2015A Feature-based Classification of Model Repair ApproachesNuno Moreira Macedo; Tiago,J; Alcino Cunha
2016A Framework for Quality Assessment of ROS RepositoriesAndré Filipe Santos; Alcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; Cláudio Belo Lourenço
2013A Generic Scheme and Properties of Bidirectional TransformationsHugo Pereira Pacheco; Nuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha; Voigtländer,Janis
2013Implementing QVT-R Bidirectional Model Transformations Using AlloyNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha
2018Improving the Visualization of Alloy InstancesJosé Creissac Campos; Rui Miguel Couto; Alcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; 5625; 5599; 5612; 6000
2016Least-change bidirectional model transformation with QVT-R and ATLNuno Moreira Macedo; Alcino Cunha
2016Lightweight Specification and Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Rich ConfigurationsNuno Moreira Macedo; Brunel,J; Chemouil,D; Alcino Cunha; Kuperberg,D
2013Model Repair and Transformation with EchoNuno Moreira Macedo; Guimaraes,T; Alcino Cunha
2015An ORCID based synchronization framework for a national CRIS ecosystemMendes Moreira,J; Alcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo
2015Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations co-located with Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations, STAF 2015, L'Aquila, Italy, July 24, 2015Alcino Cunha; Kindler,E
2018Property-based testing for the robot operating systemAndré Filipe Santos; Alcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; 5625; 6414; 5612
2016Quien sabe por Algebra, sabe scientificamente: A tribute to José Nuno OliveiraLuís Soares Barbosa; Alcino Cunha; Alexandra Silva
2012Relations as executable specifications: taming partiality and non-determinism using invariantsAlcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; Hugo Pereira Pacheco
2019Simplifying the Analysis of Software Design Variants with a Colorful AlloyChong Liu; Alcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; 5625; 5612; 6934