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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Collaborative Planning Approach for Non-hierarchical Production NetworksAlmeida,R; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo; Luís Carneiro
2017Cooperative deep water seafloor mapping with heterogeneous robotic platformsPinto,A; Dias,A; Melo,J; Alfredo Martins; Abreu,N; Almeida,J; Almeida,R; José Carlos Alves; Carlos Filipe Gonçalves; Ferreira,H; Ferreira,B; Nuno Cruz; Silva,E; Aníbal Matos; Hugo Miguel Silva; Eduardo Silva; Vitor Hugo Pinto; 5570; 258; 5155; 5158; 5429; 5473; 6852; 6920
2013Dynamic and collaborative business networks in the fashion industryShamsuzzoha,A; Kankaanpaa,T; Luís Carneiro; Almeida,R; Chiodi,A; Fornasiero,R
2017Estimation of Currents with Acoustic Navigation BeaconsNuno Cruz; Melo,J; Almeida,R
2014The Fifth Empire The reinterpretation of Portuguese and European history in an action adventure gameAntónio Coelho; Leonel João Dias; Almeida,R; Castro,N; Goncalves,P
2014Long-term HRV in critically ill pediatric patients: coma versus brain deathRocha,AP; Almeida,R; Argentina Leite; Silva,MJ; Silva,ME
2014Reference model for collaborative manufacturing of customised products: applications in the fashion industryLuís Carneiro; Shamsuzzoha,AHM; Almeida,R; Américo Azevedo; Fornasiero,R; Ferreira,PS
2016The role of fire-suppression force in limiting the spread of extremely large forest fires in PortugalFernandes,PM; Abilio Pereira Pacheco; Almeida,R; João Claro