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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Case studies on collaboration, technology and performance factors in business networksLuís Carneiro; António Lucas Soares; Patricio,R; Américo Azevedo; Jorge Pinho de Sousa
2013A case study evaluating the impact of human behavior on a manufacturing process in-line with automatic processes by means of a simulation modelSilva,E; Donauer,M; Américo Azevedo; Pecas,P; Henriques,E
2009Collaborative business frameworks comparison, analysis and selection: an analytic perspectiveAmérico Azevedo; César Toscano; Claudia-Melania Chituc
2012Collaborative Networks Model for Clothing & Footwear Business SectorRosanna Fornasiero; João Bastos; Valentina Franchini; Américo Azevedo
2013A Collaborative Planning Approach for Non-hierarchical Production NetworksAlmeida,R; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo; Luís Carneiro
2012Collaborative Planning in Customer-Oriented Supplier Networks - The CoReNet ApproachAmérico Azevedo; João Bastos; Ricardo João Almeida
2013Collaborative services for customized production in networked companiesFornasiero,R; João Bastos; Américo Azevedo; Zangiacomi,A; Coscia,E
2017Collaborative smart process monitoring within virtual factory environment: an implementation issueShamsuzzoha,A; Filipe David Ferreira; Américo Azevedo; Helo,P
2014Conceptual Reference Model for Virtual Factory: Potentials for Collaborative BusinessShamsuzzoha,A; Ana Cristina Barros; Costa,D; Américo Azevedo; Helo,P
2005Cooperative planning in dynamic supply chainsCésar Toscano; Jorge Pinho de Sousa; Américo Azevedo
2013Dimensions to consider in the development of Hospital Centres performance evaluation frameworkGoncalves,S; Ana Cristina Simões; Américo Azevedo; 2160; 5521
2015EditorialAmérico Azevedo; Almeida,A
2015EditorialAmérico Azevedo; Almeida,A
2016Evaluation of improvement actions impact on manufacturing operational performanceCátia Rodrigues Barbosa; Américo Azevedo
2015Evaluation of Improvement Actions Impact on Manufacturing Operational PerformanceBarbosa,C; Américo Azevedo
2011Factory Templates for Digital Factories FrameworkAntónio Henrique Almeida; Américo Azevedo
2012A Flexibility Reference Model to Achieve Leagility in Virtual OrganizationsJoão Bastos; Paulo Ávila; António Henrique Almeida; Américo Azevedo
2010Flexibility Requirements Model to Achieve Leagility in Dynamic Virtual OrganizationsJoão Bastos; Américo Azevedo; Paulo Ávila
2009A framework proposal for seamless interoperability in a collaborative networked environmentClaudia Chituc; Américo Azevedo; César Toscano
2014A framework to support the lifecycle of virtual manufacturing enterprisesAmérico Azevedo; Filipe David Ferreira; José Faria