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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Hospital centre performance dimensions and internal stakeholder valuation: a case studyAna Cristina Simões; Américo Azevedo; Goncalves,S
2018Hybrid modelling of MTO/ETO manufacturing environments for performance assessmentBarbosa,C; Américo Azevedo
2016Hybrid Process Management: A Collaborative Approach Applied to Automotive IndustryFilipe David Ferreira; Ana Luísa Marques; José Faria; Américo Azevedo
2017Hybrid Simulation for Complex Manufacturing Value-chain EnvironmentsCátia Rodrigues Barbosa; Américo Azevedo
2015Identifying nonconformity root causes using applied knowledge discoveryDonauer,M; Pecas,P; Américo Azevedo
2016Implementation of customisation strategies in collaborative networks through an innovative Reference FrameworkFornasiero,R; Zangiacomi,A; Franchini,V; João Bastos; Américo Azevedo; Vinelli,A
2017The implementation of digital technologies for operations management: a case study for manufacturing appsZangiacomi,A; Oesterle,J; Fornasiero,R; Sacco,M; Américo Azevedo
2017Implementing cyber-physical systems in manufacturingAna Cristina Barros; Américo Azevedo; José Coelho Rodrigues; Marques,A; César Toscano; Ana Cristina Simões; 5382; 283; 2160; 5521; 5590
2016Industry 4.0 as Enabler for Effective Manufacturing Virtual EnterprisesFilipe David Ferreira; José Faria; Américo Azevedo; Ana Luísa Marques
2015Innovative costing system framework in industrial product-service system environmentAmérico Azevedo; Sholihab,M
2010An Innovative framework supporting business networks for complex product manufacturingAmérico Azevedo; Timmo Kankaanpaa; Ahm Shamsuzzoha; Ricardo João Almeida; Luís Carneiro
2007Interoperability in Collaborative Networks: An innovative approach for the shoe up-stream business segmentClaudia Chituc; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo
2008Interoperability in Collaborative Networks: independent and industry specific initiatives - The case of the footwear industryClaudia Chituc; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo
2008Interoperability in Collaborative Networks: Independent and industry-specific initiatives - The case of the footwear industryClaudia Chituc; César Toscano; Américo Azevedo
2016Large Project Management in the Automotive Industry: A Flexible and Knowledge Based ApproachFilipe David Ferreira; Ana Luísa Marques; Faria,J; Américo Azevedo
2016A Lean Set-Based Design Approach for Development of Customizable Products in Collaborative NetworksJoão Bastos; Américo Azevedo; Avila,P
2012Linking Strategic Goals with Operational Performance: An Integrated ApproachDaniel Politze; Américo Azevedo; Álvaro Gabriel Caldas; António Henrique Almeida
2010Managing Performance to Align the Participants of Collaborative Networks: Case Studies ResultsRoberto Piedade Francisco; Américo Azevedo; João Bastos
2013Nonconformity root causes analysis through a pattern identification approachDonauer,M; Peças,P; Américo Azevedo
2015Nonconformity tracking and prioritisation matrix: an approach for selecting nonconformities as a contribution to the field of TQMDonauer,M; Pecas,P; Américo Azevedo