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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Self-localisation of indoor mobile robots using multi-hypotheses and a matching algorithmPinto,M; Héber Miguel Sobreira; António Paulo Moreira; Hélio Mendonça; Aníbal Matos
2009Side Scan Sonar Image Segmentation and Feature ExtractionBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; Miguel Armando Pinto
2010Single beacon navigation: localization and control of the MARES AUVNuno Cruz; Aníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira
2017STRONGMAR Summer School 2016 — Joining theory with a practical application in Underwater ArcheologyMarques,MM; Salgado,A; Lobo,V; Carapau,RS; Rodrigues,AV; Carreras,M; Roca,J; Palomeras,N; Hurtos,N; Candela,C; Alfredo Martins; Aníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Almeida,C; de Sa,FA; Almeida,JM; Eduardo Silva
2017Survey on advances on terrain based navigation for autonomous underwater vehiclesJosé Luís Melo; Aníbal Matos
2015TEC4SEA - A modular platform for research, test and validation of technologies supporting a sustainable blue economyMonica,P; Alfredo Martins; Olivier,A; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida; Nuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves; Henrique Salgado; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo; Pinho,C; Silva,A; Jesus,S; Eduardo Silva
2016Towards LBL Positioning Systems for Multiple VehiclesJosé Luís Melo; Aníbal Matos
2015Tracking of an underwater visual target with an autonomous surface vehicleFigueiredo,AB; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos
2017Unmanned Maritime Systems for Search and RescueAníbal Matos; Eduardo Silva; Almeida,J; Martins,A; Ferreira,H; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; José Carlos Alves; Dias,A; Fioravanti,S; Bertin,D; Lobo,V
2016Use of multi-domain robots in search and rescue operations - contributions of the ICARUS team to the euRathlon 2015 challengeMarques,MM; Parreira,R; Lobo,V; Alfredo Martins; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; José Miguel Almeida; José Carlos Alves; Eduardo Silva; Bedkowski,J; Majek,K; Pelka,M; Musialik,P; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; André Dias; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Guilherme Amaral Silva; Figueiredo,A; Rui Miguel Almeida; Silva,F; Serrano,D; Moreno,G; De Cubber,G; Balta,H; Beglerovic,H
2017User-Centered DesignDoroftei,D; Cubber,GD; Wagemans,R; Aníbal Matos; Eduardo Silva; Lobo,V; Cardoso,G; Chintamani,K; Govindaraj,S; Gancet,J; Serrano,D
2014Using evolutionary algorithms to plan automatic minehunting operationsNuno Miguel Abreu; Aníbal Matos
2009Using Side Scan Sonar for Relative NavigationNuno Cruz; Miguel Armando Pinto; Aníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira
2009Using Side Scan Sonar to Relative NavigationMiguel Armando Pinto; Aníbal Matos; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Nuno Cruz
2016Vision-based Localization and Positioning of an AUVFigueiredo,AB; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos
2017Visual motion perception for mobile robots through dense optical flow fieldsAndry Maykol Pinto; Paulo José Costa; Miguel Velhote Correia; Aníbal Matos; António Paulo Moreira
2015Water jet based autonomous surface vehicle for coastal waters operationsMachado,D; Alfredo Martins; José Miguel Almeida; Hugo Alexandre Ferreira; Amaral,G; Bruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Eduardo Silva
2016Water-jet Propelled Autonomous Surface Vehicle UCAP: System Description and ControlBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; José Carlos Alves