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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016iLearnTest - framework for educational gamesAna Cristina Paiva; Nuno Flores; Barbosa,AG; Ribeiro,TPB
2015iLearnTest Educational Game for Learning Software TestingRibeiro,TPB; Ana Cristina Paiva
2016Impact of execution modes on finding Android failuresMorgado,IC; Ana Cristina Paiva
2015The iMPAcT tool: Testing UI patterns on mobile applicationsInês Coimbra Morgado; Ana Cristina Paiva
2013Inferring UI Patterns with Inductive Logic ProgrammingNabuco,M; Ana Cristina Paiva; Rui Camacho; João Pascoal Faria
2014Inferring User Interface Patterns from Execution Traces of Web ApplicationsNabuco,M; Ana Cristina Paiva; João Pascoal Faria
2016Maintaining Requirements using Web Usage DataJorge Esparteiro Garcia; Ana Cristina Paiva
2014Model-Based Test Case Generation for Web ApplicationsNabuco,M; Ana Cristina Paiva
2017Multidimensional test coverage analysis: PARADIGM-COV toolAna Cristina Paiva; Vilela,L
2015A Novel Approach using Alloy in Domain-specific Language EngineeringMoreira,RMLM; Ana Cristina Paiva
2014PARADIGM-COV A Multimensional Test Coverage Analysis ToolVilela,L; Ana Cristina Paiva
2014Pattern based GUI testing for mobile applicationsCosta,P; Ana Cristina Paiva; Nabuco,M
2017Pattern-based GUI testing: Bridging the gap between design and quality assuranceMoreira,RMLM; Ana Cristina Paiva; Nabuco,M; Memon,A
2017Pattern-Based Usability TestingDias,F; Ana Cristina Paiva
2016REQAnalytics: A recommender system for requirements maintenanceJorge Esparteiro Garcia; Ana Cristina Paiva
2016A Requirements-to-Implementation Mapping Tool for Requirements TraceabilityJorge Esparteiro Garcia; Ana Cristina Paiva
2014SaaS usage information for requirements maintenanceGarcia,A; Ana Cristina Paiva
2016Software Engineering Management Education through Game Design PatternsNuno Flores; Ana Cristina Paiva; Letra,P
2015Test patterns for android mobile applicationsInês Coimbra Morgado; Ana Cristina Paiva
2015Testing approach for mobile applications through reverse engineering of UI PatternsInês Coimbra Morgado; Ana Cristina Paiva