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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010High-level programming and control for industrial robotics: using a hand-held accelerometer-based input device for gesture and posture recognitionPedro Neto; J. Norberto Pires; António Paulo Moreira
2012High-level robot programming based on CAD: dealing with unpredictable environmentsJ. norberto Pires; Pedro Neto; Nuno Mendes; Ricardo Araújo; António Paulo Moreira
2015Homing a robot with range-only measurements under unknown driftsBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz; António Paulo Moreira
2013Humanoid Gait Optimization Resorting to an Improved Simulation ModelJosé Lima; José Alexandre Gonçalves; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira
2010HUMANOID LOW-LEVEL CONTROLLER DEVELOPMENT BASED ON A REALISTIC SIMULATIONJosé Lima; António Paulo Moreira; José Alexandre Gonçalves; Pedro Gomes Costa
2013Increasing Illumination Invariance of SURF Feature Detector through Color ConstancyPetry,MR; António Paulo Moreira; Luís Paulo Reis
2016Incremental scenario representations for autonomous driving using geometric polygonal primitivesMiguel Riem Oliveira; Santos,V; Sappa,AD; Dias,P; António Paulo Moreira
2016Incremental texture mapping for autonomous drivingMiguel Riem Oliveira; Santos,V; Sappa,AD; Dias,P; António Paulo Moreira
2012Indoor Localization System based on Artificial Landmarks and Monocular VisionAntónio Paulo Moreira; Andry Maykol Pinto; Paulo José Costa
2016Integrated tasks assignment and routing for the estimation of the optimal number of AGVSVivaldini,K; Luís Freitas Rocha; Martarelli,NJ; Becker,M; António Paulo Moreira
2013Intelligent state changing applied to multi-robot systemsNascimento,TP; António Paulo Moreira; Scolari Conceicao,AGS; Bonarini,A
2011IntellWheels: A Modular Development Platform for Intelligent WheelchairsRodrigo Antonio Marques Braga; António Paulo Moreira; Marcelo Petry; Luis Paulo Reis
2013IntellWheels: Intelligent wheelchair with user-centered designPetry,MR; António Paulo Moreira; Brígida Mónica Faria; Luís Paulo Reis
2011INTUITIVE ROBOT PROGRAMMING BASED ON CAD DEALING WITH UNSTRUCTURED ENVIRONMENTS (1ª parte)J. norberto Pires; Nuno Mendes; Ricardo Araújo; António Paulo Moreira; Pedro Neto
2011Intuitive Robot Programming Based on CAD: dealing with unstructured environments - Part IIN. Mendes; Pedro Neto; António Paulo Moreira; J.N. Pires; R. Araújo
2015Kalman filter-based yaw angle estimation by fusing inertial and magnetic sensing: a case study using low cost sensorsNeto,P; Mendes,N; António Paulo Moreira
2015Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: PrefaceAntónio Paulo Moreira; Aníbal Matos; Germano Veiga
2015A Localization Method Based on Map-Matching and Particle Swarm OptimizationAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa
2012Localization of Mobile Robots Using an Extended Kalman Filter in a LEGO NXTAntónio Paulo Moreira; Miguel Armando Pinto; Aníbal Matos
2012A low-cost laser scanning solution for flexible robotic cells: spray coatingMarcos André Ferreira; Pedro Neto; António Paulo Moreira