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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Practical approach of Modeling and Parameters Estimation for OmniDirectional Mobile RobotsAndré Conceição; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa
2017Predictive model based architecture for energy biomass supply chains tactical decisionsTatiana Martins Pinho; João Paulo Coelho; Germano Veiga; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo Moura Oliveira; José Boaventura
2013PrefaceNeto,P; António Paulo Moreira
2017PrefaceGarrido,P; Soares,F; António Paulo Moreira
2013Radiation tests on a bluetooth based front-end electronic device towards a subcutaneous continuous glucose monitoring sensorSérgio Santos Silva; Soares,S; António Valente; António Paulo Moreira
2013Real-Time and Continuous Hand Gesture Spotting: an Approach Based on Artificial Neural NetworksNeto,P; Pereira,D; Norberto Pires,JN; António Paulo Moreira
2013Real-time tracking system for a moored oil tanker: A Kalman filter approachMalheiros,P; Rosa Santos,P; José Alexandre Gonçalves; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira; Veloso Gomes,F; Taveira Pinto,F
2013Recognizing Industrial Manipulated Parts Using the Perfect Match AlgorithmLuís Freitas Rocha; Ferreira,M; Germano Veiga; António Paulo Moreira; Santos,V
2021Reconfigurable Grasp Planning Pipeline with Grasp Synthesis and Selection Applied to Picking Operations in Aerospace FactoriesJoão Pedro Souza; José Boaventura; Solteiro Pires,EJS; António Paulo Moreira; Rafael Lírio Arrais; Luís Freitas Rocha; Carlos Miguel Costa; 6164; 5157; 5773; 5364; 7366; 6551
2013Revisiting Lucas-Kanade and Horn-SchunckAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa; Miguel Velhote Correia
2016Robot 2015: Second Iberian Robotics conference: Advances in robotics, volume 1Luís Paulo Reis; António Paulo Moreira; Lima,PU; Montano,L; Muñoz Martinez,V
2018Robot localization system in a hard outdoor environmentConceição,T; Filipe Neves Santos; Costa,P; António Paulo Moreira
2013Robot@Factory: Localization Method Based on Map-Matching and Particle Swarm OptimizationAndry Maykol Pinto; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa
2013Robotics in Smart ManufacturingNeto,P; António Paulo Moreira
2013Robotics in Smart Manufacturing: InternationalWorkshop, WRSM 2013 Co-located with FAIM 2013 Porto, Portugal, June 26-28, 2013 ProceedingsNeto,P; António Paulo Moreira
2016Robust mobile robot localization based on a security laser: an industry case studyHéber Miguel Sobreira; António Paulo Moreira; Paulo José Costa; José Lima
2013Self-localisation of indoor mobile robots using multi-hypotheses and a matching algorithmPinto,M; Héber Miguel Sobreira; António Paulo Moreira; Hélio Mendonça; Aníbal Matos
2013A set of novel modifications to improve algorithms from the A* family applied in mobile roboticsdo Nascimento,TP; Pedro Gomes Costa; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira; Conceicao,AGS
2015Special Issue Robótica 2014Lau,N; António Paulo Moreira; Ventura,R; Brígida Mónica Faria
2013Stereoscopic Vision System for Human Gesture Tracking and Robot Programming by DemonstrationFerreira,M; Luís Freitas Rocha; Paulo José Costa; António Paulo Moreira