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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Hydrogen sensing via anomalous optical absorption of palladium-based metamaterialsHierro Rodriguez,A; Leite,IT; Rocha Rodrigues,P; Fernandes,P; Araujo,JP; Pedro Jorge; José Luís Santos; Teixeira,JM; Ariel Guerreiro
2013Lightons: Phonons with lightNuno Azevedo Silva; Maria Inês Carvalho; Ariel Guerreiro
2016Local management of the nonlinearity of Bose-Einstein condensates with pinched potentialsAriel Guerreiro; Nuno Azevedo Silva
2015Modal Filtering for Optimized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing in Multimode Plastic Optical FibersCennamo,N; Luís Carlos Coelho; Santos,DF; José Manuel Baptista; Ariel Guerreiro; Pedro Jorge; Zeni,LG
2015New Trends on Optical Fiber TweezersAna Rita Ribeiro; Soppera,O; Oliva,AG; Ariel Guerreiro; Pedro Jorge
2013Numerical investigation of a refractive index SPR D-type optical fiber sensor using COMSOL multiphysicsSantos,DF; Ariel Guerreiro; José Manuel Baptista
2012Numerical investigation of the performance of a refractive index SPR D-type optical fiber sensor using COMSOL MultiphysicsAriel Guerreiro; Diego Felipe Santos; José Manuel Baptista
2015On the anodic aluminium oxide refractive index of nanoporous templatesHierro Rodriguez,A; Rocha Rodrigues,P; Valdes Bango,F; Alameda,JM; Pedro Jorge; José Luís Santos; Araujo,JP; Teixeira,JM; Ariel Guerreiro
2010On the quantum space-time structure of lightAriel Guerreiro
2015Optical Fiber Tweezers Fabricated by Guided Wave Photo-PolymerizationAna Rita Ribeiro; Queirós,R; Soppera,O; Ariel Guerreiro; Pedro Jorge
2016Optical fibers as beam shapers: from Gaussian beams to optical vorticesAna Rita Ribeiro; Dahal,P; Ariel Guerreiro; Pedro Jorge; Viegas,J
2014Optical sensing based in plasmonics and the metamaterials enhancement factorHamed Moayyed; Leite,IT; Luís Carlos Coelho; Santos,JL; Ariel Guerreiro; Diana Viegas
2014Performance analysis simulation of new SPR microstructured D-type optical fiber sensor configurations for refractive index measurementSantos,DF; Ariel Guerreiro; José Manuel Baptista
2017Persistent currents of superfluidic light in a four-level coherent atomic mediumNuno Azevedo Silva; Mendonca,JT; Ariel Guerreiro
2011Production of bright entangled photons from moving optical boundariesAriel Guerreiro; A. Ferreira; J. T. Mendonça
2013Referenda Outcomes and the Influence of Polls: A Social Network Feedback ProcessAmaro de Matos,J; Ariel Guerreiro
2011Remote Long Period Gratings/Fiber Bragg Gratings sensor based on Raman amplificationThiago Nogueira Coelho; Pedro Jorge; Ariel Guerreiro; Maria José Pontes
2011Remote optical fiber sensor with Raman amplificationPedro Jorge; Maria José Pontes; Thiago Coelho; Ariel Guerreiro
2017Simultaneous Plasmonic Measurement of Refractive Index and Temperature Based on a D-Type Fiber Sensor With Gold WiresSantos,DF; Ariel Guerreiro; José Manuel Baptista
2013Spatial soliton dynamics in cubic-quintic mediaNuno Azevedo Silva; Maria Inês Carvalho; Ariel Guerreiro