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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A bibliometric account of Chinese economics research through the lens of the China Economic ReviewAurora Teixeira; Yuxin Du
2011A bibliometric account of the evolution of EE in the last two decades Is ecological economics (becoming) a post-normal science?Manuela Castro e Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2012A bibliometric portrait of the evolution, scientific roots and influence of the literature on University-Industry linksLuisa Mota; Aurora Teixeira
2010Cheating by Economics and Business Undergraduate Students. An Exploratory International AssessmentAurora Teixeira; Maria de Fátima Rocha
2011Corruption and MNCs' entry mode. An empirical econometric study of Portuguese firms investing in PALOPsMarlene Vidal Grande; Aurora Teixeira
2011Corruption and Multinational Companies' Entry Modes. Do Linguistic and Historical Ties Matter?Marlene Grande; Aurora Teixeira
2012Corruption and Multinational Companies' Entry Modes. Do Linguistic and Historical Ties Matter?Aurora Teixeira; Marlene Grande
2012Determinantes do empreendedorismo académico na área das ciências da vida em PortugalJoão Pedro Nogueira; Aurora Teixeira
2010Determinants of higher education students' willingness to pay for violent crime reduction: a contingent valuation studyMafalda Soeiro; Aurora Teixeira
2010The determinants of technology transfer efficiency and the role of innovation policies: a surveyMaria D. M. Oliveira; Aurora Teixeira
2011Determinants of the international influence of a R&D organisation: a bibliometric approachJosé Sequeira; Aurora Teixeira
2011Do countries' endowments of Non-Renewable Energy Resources matter for FDI attraction? A cross-country econometric analysisRosa Forte; Susana Assunção; Aurora Teixeira
2011Does structure influence growth? A panel data econometric assessment of 'relatively less developed' countries, 1979-2003Ester G. Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2012Dynamics, structure and content of innovation networks: an overview of the literatureAurora Teixeira; J. Almodovar
2010Emergent and declining themes in the Economics and Management of Innovation scientific area over the past three decadesAurora Teixeira; José Miguel Silva
2011Empreendedorismo político local em Portugal. Uma análise exploratóriaCarina Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2012Entry mode choices of MNCs and host countries' corruption: A reviewMarlene Grande; Aurora Teixeira
2010The establishment, evolution, and sustainability of University-Firm relationsLuís Pinheiro; Aurora Teixeira
2010The Evolution of the Cluster Literature: shedding light on the Regional Science-Regional Studies debateSara C. S. Cruz; Aurora Teixeira