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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007How has the portugueses innovation capability evolved? Estimating a time series of the stock of technological knowledge (1960-2001)Aurora Teixeira
2010Human Capital, R&D, Trade, and Long-run Productivity. Testing the Technological Absorption Hypothesis for the Portuguese Economy, 1960-2001Aurora Teixeira; Natércia Fortuna
2010Identifying the intellectual scientific basis of the Technology and Innovation Management areaJosé Miguel Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2010The importance of Intermediaries organizations in international R&D cooperation: an empirical multivariate study across EuropeMargarida Catarino; Aurora Teixeira
2011A Importância da Geopolítica nas Decisões de Localização Internacional: O Caso PolacoMariana Dias; Aurora Teixeira
2012In the shadow of the financial crisis: dismal structural change and productivity trends in south-western Europe over the last four decadesAurora Teixeira; Ester Gomes da Silva
2012Innovation Diffusion with Heterogeneous Networked Agents: A Computational ModelAurora Teixeira; Rui Leite
2011The innovative behaviour of tourism firmsAurora Teixeira; Odília Meneses
2008International R&D cooperation between low-tech SMEs: the role of cultural and geographical proximityAurora Teixeira; Paulo Santos; Ana Oliveira Brochado
2008International regional patterns of R&D networks involving low tech SMEsPaulo Santos; Ana Paula Delgado; Aurora Teixeira
2011The internationalization profiles of Portuguese SMEsPedro Oliveira; Aurora Teixeira
2012Is human capital relevant in attracting innovative FDI to China?Aurora Teixeira; Wei Heyuan
2011Labour decisions and industrial dynamics in an evolutionary model: a neglected modelling approachS.T Silva; Aurora Teixeira
2012The level of human capital in innovative firms located in China. Is foreign capital relevant?Li Shu; Aurora Teixeira
2011LOCATION DETERMINANTS OF FDI: A LITERATURE REVIEWSusana Assunção; Rosa Forte; Aurora Teixeira
2012Mapeamento do Empreendedorismo do Poder Local em PortugalAurora Teixeira; C. Silva
2011Mapping the (in)visible college(s) in the field of entrepreneurshipAurora Teixeira
2011Marketing and technology sophistication as hidden weapons for fostering the demand for 'art house' cinema films: a cross country analysisFernando Governo; Aurora Teixeira
2012Methods of assessing the evolution of science: a reviewAurora Teixeira; Manuela Castro e Silva