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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Federated IaaS Resource BrokerageBruno Miguel Veloso; Meireles,F; Benedita Malheiro; Burguillo,JC
2019Fostering Professional Competencies in Engineering Undergraduates with EPS@ISEPGuedes,P; Benedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Ferreira,P; 5855; 5655
2017In-Programme Personalization for Broadcast: IPP4BFoss,JeremyD.; Shirley,Ben; Benedita Malheiro; Kepplinger,Sara; Ulisses,Alexandre; Armstrong,Mike
2014Integrated Management of IaaS ResourcesMeireles,F; Benedita Malheiro
2019Learning Engineering with EPS@ISEP: Developing Projects for Smart Sustainable CitiesFerreira,P; Guedes,P; Benedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; 5655; 5855
2015Learning sustainability by developing a solar dryer for microalgae retrievalBenedita Malheiro; Ribeiro,C; Manuel Santos Silva; Caetano,N; Ferreira,P; Guedes,P
2015Media Brokerage: Agent-Based SLA NegotiationBruno Miguel Veloso; Benedita Malheiro; Burguillo,JC
2019Multipurpose Urban Sensing Equipment—An EPS@ISEP 2018 ProjectFarrag,M; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P; Manuel Santos Silva; Justo,J; Ribeiro,C; Benedita Malheiro; Smit,W; van der Most,M; Bagiami,M; Marques,D; 5655; 5855
2018Outdoor Intelligent Shader: An EPS@ISEP 2018 ProjectMahon,C; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P; Justo,J; Ribeiro,C; Manuel Santos Silva; Benedita Malheiro; Bergervoet,S; Tscholl,M; Majewska,M; Baptista,M; 5855; 5655
2013Personalised advertising supported by agentsBruno Miguel Veloso; Sousa,L; Benedita Malheiro
2017Personalised fading for stream dataBruno Miguel Veloso; Benedita Malheiro; Burguillo,JuanCarlos; Foss,JeremyD.
2017Prediction and Analysis of Hotel Ratings from Crowd-Sourced DataLeal,F; Benedita Malheiro; Burguillo,JC
2017Profiling And Rating Prediction From Multi-Criteria Crowd-Sourced Hotel RatingsLeal,Fatima; Vélez,HoracioGonzalez; Burguillo,JuanCarlos; Benedita Malheiro
2017Renegotiation of Electronic Brokerage ContractsCunha,Ruben; Bruno Miguel Veloso; Benedita Malheiro
2019Rigid wing sailboats: A state of the art surveyFriebe,A; Ferreira,P; Guedes,P; Benedita Malheiro; Manuel Santos Silva; Waller,M; 5655; 5855
2017Semantic Profiling and Destination Recommendation based on Crowd-sourced Tourist ReviewsLeal,Fatima; Vélez,HoracioGonzalez; Benedita Malheiro; Burguillo,JuanCarlos
2019Solar DehydratorJusto,J; Ribeiro,C; Benedita Malheiro; Duarte,AJ; Krommendijk,P; Keppens,M; Pereira,J; Vallés,I; Gillet,E; Guedes,P; Ferreira,P; Manuel Santos Silva; Szabó,D; 5655; 5855
2013Support System for Rational Use of Electric EnergyTeixeira,T; Benedita Malheiro
2017TourismShareAreias,N; Benedita Malheiro