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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Identification of Dynamic Simulation Models for Variable Speed Pumped Storage Power PlantsCarlos Moreira; Nuno Rafael Fulgêncio; Bernardo Silva; Nicolet,C; Béguin,A
2011Inertial Control in Off-shore Wind Farms Connected to AC Networks through Multi-terminal HVDC grids with VSCBernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; Luís Seca; Filipe Joel Soares; João Peças Lopes
2017Integration of Variable Speed Pumped Hydro Storage in Automatic Generation Control SystemsNuno Rafael Fulgêncio; Carlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva
2009New Project Approaches in Advanced Microelectronics: The Students' PerspectiveLuís Malheiro; Ricardo Pereira; Bernardo Silva; João Fernandes Almeida; Manuel Cândido Santos; Daniel Oliveira; Américo Dias; Miguel António Pina
2017On the Profitability of Variable Speed Pump-Storage-Power in Frequency Restoration ReserveJorge Miguel Filipe; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Carlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva
2013Operation and Control of Multiterminal HVDC Grids Following the Loss of an Onshore ConverterBernardo Silva; Carlos Moreira; Hélder Leite
2014Operation and Control of Multiterminal HVDC Grids for AC Fault Ride Through CompatibilityCarlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva
2016Optimization of the Variable Speed Pump Storage Participation in Frequency Restoration Reserve MarketJorge Miguel Filipe; Carlos Moreira; Ricardo Jorge Bessa; Bernardo Silva
2015Participation of Multi-Terminal HVDC Grids in Frequency Regulation ServicesCarlos Moreira; José Miguel Gouveia; Bernardo Silva
2012Provision of Inertial and Primary Frequency Control Services Using Offshore Multiterminal HVDC NetworksCarlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva; Luís Seca; Yannick Phulpin; João Peças Lopes
2017Role of pump hydro in electric power systemsRicardo Jorge Bessa; Carlos Moreira; Bernardo Silva; Jorge Miguel Filipe; Nuno Rafael Fulgêncio