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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A Multi-Sensor dosimeter for brachytherapy based on radioluminescent fiber sensorsCorreia,A; Chiquita,S; Hussain,NS; Pirraco,R; Carla Carmelo Rosa
2012Numerical Study on Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Spectral Calibration and Re-Sampling ImportanceCarla Carmelo Rosa; Hamid Hosseiny
2013Numerical study on spectral domain optical coherence tomography spectral calibration and re-sampling importanceHosseiny,H; Carla Carmelo Rosa
2004Optical fiber probes for fluorescence based oxygen sensingCarla Carmelo Rosa; José Luís Santos; Pedro Jorge; Paulo Caldas; Abel Oliva
2018Optical Fiber Tips for Biological Applications: from Light Confinement, Biosensing to Bioparticles ManipulationJoana Isabel Paiva; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; João Paulo Cunha
2014Real-time dosimeter targeted to nuclear applicationsCorreia,A; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Santos,PMP; Falcao,AN; Lorentz,K
2018Single Particle Differentiation through 2D Optical Fiber Trapping and Back-Scattered Signal Statistical Analysis: An Exploratory ApproachJoana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; João Paulo Cunha; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Pedro Jorge
2018Towards a Single Parameter Sensing for Bacteria Sorting through Optical Fiber Trapping and Back-Scattered Signal AnalysisJoana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Cunha,JPS; 4318; 3565; 6260
2013Validation of dose measurements by scintillating fiber optic dosimeters for medical applicationsCorreia,A; Pirraco,R; Carla Carmelo Rosa