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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Can user and task characteristics be used as predictors of success in health information retrieval sessions?Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Oroszlanyova,M; Cristina Ribeiro; 215; 5448; 6205
2016Can we detect English proficiency through reading behavior? A preliminary studySilva,IG; Carla Lopes; Ellison,M
2013Context-based health information retrievalCarla Lopes
2016The Effectiveness of Query Expansion when searching for Health related Content: InfoLab at CLEF eHealth 2016Silva,R; Carla Lopes
2017Effects of Language and Terminology of Query Suggestions on Medical Accuracy Considering Different User CharacteristicsCarla Lopes; Paiva,D; Cristina Ribeiro
2016Effects of Language and Terminology on the Usage of Health Query SuggestionsCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2015Effects of terminology on health queries: An analysis by user's health literacy and topic familiarityCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2017FEUP at TREC 2017 OpenSearch Track Graph-Based Models for Entity-OrientedJosé Luís Devezas; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; 5585; 6205; 5448
2016Health Suggestions: A Chrome Extension to Help Laypersons Search for Health InformationCarla Lopes; Fernandes,TA
2016Health Translations A crowdsourced, gamified approach to translate large vocabulary databasesSilva,AC; Carla Lopes
2014Identification and classification of health queries: Co-occurrences vs. domain- specific terminologiesCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2015The influence of documents, users and tasks on the relevance and comprehension of health web documentsOroszlanyova,M; Cristina Ribeiro; Sérgio Nunes; Carla Lopes
2013Measuring the value of health query translation: An analysis by user language proficiencyCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2016Predicting the comprehension of health web documents using characteristics of documents and usersOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2017Predicting the situational relevance of health web documentsOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2013Query behavior: The impact of health literacy, topic familiarity and terminologyCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2016Social Network Analysis to understand behaviour dynamics in online health communities A systematic reviewCarvalho,REV; Carla Lopes
2017Towards understanding consumers' quality evaluation of online health information: A case studyYe,Z; Gwizdka,J; Carla Lopes; Zhang,Y
2013Using domain-specific term frequencies to identify and classify health queriesCarla Lopes; Dias,D; Cristina Ribeiro