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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Acute Kidney Injury Detection: An Alarm System to Improve Early TreatmentAna Rita Nogueira; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama
2013Adaptive model rules from data streamsEzilda Duarte Almeida; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama
2016Automatic Classification of Anuran Sounds Using Convolutional Neural NetworksJuan Gariel Colonna; Peet,T; Carlos Ferreira; Alípio Jorge; Elsa Ferreira Gomes; João Gama
2012Bus Bunching Detection by Mining Sequences of Headway DeviationsJorge Freire; Luís Moreira Matias; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama; João Mendes Moreira
2017Classifying Heart Sounds Using Images of MFCC and Temporal FeaturesDiogo Marcelo Nogueira; Carlos Ferreira; Alípio Jorge
2015Exploring multi-relational temporal databases with a propositional sequence minerCarlos Ferreira; João Gama; Vítor Santos Costa
2013Identification and influence of the external elements on the transmission system operator's responsibility areaDos Santos E Abreu,PID; Carlos Ferreira; Pestana,R; Fernando Maciel Barbosa
2012Identifying Relationships in Transactional DataJoão Gama; Melissa Rodrigues; Carlos Ferreira
2013Learning model rules from high-speed data streamsEzilda Duarte Almeida; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama
2012Predicting Ramp Events with a Stream-based HMM frameworkJoão Gama; Audun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Vítor Santos Costa; Carlos Ferreira
2012Predicting Ramp Events with a Stream-based HMM framework (Extended Abstract)Vítor Santos Costa; Audun Botterud; Vladimiro Miranda; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama
2012Predictive Sequence Miner in ILP LearningVítor Santos Costa; Carlos Ferreira; João Gama
2011Predictive Sequence Miner in ILP Learning (Extended Abstract)João Gama; Carlos Ferreira; Vítor Santos Costa
2012Probabilistic ramp detection and forecasting for wind power predictionCarlos Ferreira; Audun Botterud; João Gama; Vladimiro Miranda