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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012REAL TIME MONITORING OF DNA HYBRIDIZATION WITH LONG PERIOD FIBER GRATING FOR FOOD INDUSTRY APPLICATIONSHamid LAtifi; L. Pereira; Paula Martins-Lopes; Mohammad Ismail Zibaii; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Ramiro Fernandes; Pedro Jorge; D. Pratas
2011Remote sensing of refractive index with an optical time-domain reflectometerPedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista; A. Barbero; D. Chamorro; M. Martinez; M. Giraldi; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Joel Pedro Carvalho
2012SENSORES EM FIBRA ÓTICA PARA MEDIÇÃO DE DIOXÍDO DE CARBONO DISSOLVIDOBarna Kovacs; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Katalin Balogh; Pedro Jorge
2012Simultaneous Measurement of Refractive Index and Temperature Based on Multimode Interference inside a Fiber Loop MirrorCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Cristiano Cordeiro; Pedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista; Giancarlo Chesini
2009Simultaneous Measurement of Refractive Index and Temperature Using a Hybrid Fiber Bragg Grating/Long-Period Fiber Grating ConfigurationPedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; José Manuel Baptista; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Paulo Caldas
2013Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and temperature using multimode interference inside a high birefringence fiber loop mirrorCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Chesini,G; Cordeiro,CMB; José Manuel Baptista; Pedro Jorge
2012Temperature independent Refractive Index measurement using White Light InterferometryJosé Manuel Baptista; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; Mohammad Zibaii; Hamid Latifi; Pedro Jorge; Manuel Joaquim Marques
2011Temperature-independent curvature sensor using FBG cladding modes based on a core misaligned spliceCarlos Jesus Gouveia; Orlando Frazão; Pedro Jorge; José Manuel Baptista