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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A No-Reference Quality Metric for Retinal Vessel Tree SegmentationAdrian Galdran; Costa,P; Bria,A; Teresa Finisterra Araújo; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6825; 6320; 6381; 6071
2018Path planning for automatic recharging system for steep-slope vineyard robotsLuís Carlos Santos; Filipe Neves Santos; Mendes,J; Ferraz,N; Lima,J; Morais,R; Costa,P
2014Pattern based GUI testing for mobile applicationsCosta,P; Ana Cristina Paiva; Nabuco,M
2015Predicting Drugs Adverse Side-Effects Using a Recommender-SystemPinto,D; Costa,P; Rui Camacho; Vítor Santos Costa
2017A review of assistive spatial orientation and navigation technologies for the visually impairedFernandes,H; Costa,P; Filipe,V; João Barroso
2018Robot localization system in a hard outdoor environmentConceição,T; Filipe Neves Santos; Costa,P; António Paulo Moreira
2016The SPIDERobot: A Cable-Robot System for On-site Construction in ArchitectureSousa,JP; Palop,CG; Moreira,E; Andry Maykol Pinto; Lima,J; Costa,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Germano Veiga; Paulo Moreira,A
2018UOLO - Automatic Object Detection and Segmentation in Biomedical ImagesTeresa Finisterra Araújo; Guilherme Moreira Aresta; Adrian Galdran; Costa,P; Ana Maria Mendonça; Aurélio Campilho; 6825; 6321; 6320; 6381; 6071
2018Weakly Supervised Fog DetectionAdrian Galdran; Aurélio Campilho; Vazquez Corral,J; Costa,P; 6825; 6071
2018A Weakly-Supervised Framework for Interpretable Diabetic Retinopathy Detection on Retinal ImagesCosta,P; Adrian Galdran; Smailagic,A; Aurélio Campilho; 6071; 6825
2015Wrist Rigidity Assessment During Deep Brain Stimulation SurgeryCosta,P; Rosas,MJ; Vaz,R; João Paulo Cunha