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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Predicting the comprehension of health web documents using characteristics of documents and usersOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2018Predicting the quality of health web documents using their characteristicsCristina Ribeiro; Oroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; 6205; 215; 5448
2017Predicting the situational relevance of health web documentsOroszlanyova,M; Carla Lopes; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2013Query behavior: The impact of health literacy, topic familiarity and terminologyCarla Lopes; Cristina Ribeiro
2013SIARD archive browser - The componentsRahman,AU; Gabriel David; Cristina Ribeiro
2012Studying a Personality Coreference Network in a News Stories Photo CollectionCristina Ribeiro; José Luís Devezas; Filipe Emanuel Coelho; Sérgio Nunes
2015Summarization of changes in dynamic text collections using Latent Dirichlet Allocation modelKar,M; Sérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro
2010Term frequency dynamics in collaborative articlesSérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David
2011Term Weighting based on Document Revision HistorySérgio Nunes; Cristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David
2011Transformation Rules for Model Migration in Relational Database PreservationCristina Ribeiro; Gabriel David; Arif Rahman
2013Using domain-specific term frequencies to identify and classify health queriesCarla Lopes; Dias,D; Cristina Ribeiro
2011Using the h-index to Estimate Blog AuthorityJosé Luís Devezas; Cristina Ribeiro; Sérgio Nunes