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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Health Twitter Big Bata Management with Hadoop FrameworkCunha,J; Silva,C; Mário João Antunes
2018jStanley: placing a green thumb on Java collectionsSimão,P; Rui Alexandre Pereira; Cunha,J; João Alexandre Saraiva; 5597; 5974
2019Precision enology in Tawny Port wine aging process: Monitoring barrel to barrel variation in oxygen, temperature and redox potentialMorais,R; Milheiro,J; Fraga,I; Cunha,J; Cosme,F; Emanuel Peres Correia; Nunes,F; Mendes,J; Filipe-Ribeiro,L; 5653
2017Products go Green: Worst-Case Energy Consumption in Software Product LinesMarco Linhares Couto; Borba,P; Cunha,J; Fernandes,JP; Rui Alexandre Pereira; João Alexandre Saraiva
2020SPELLing out energy leaks: Aiding developers locate energy inefficient codeCarcao,T; João Alexandre Saraiva; João Paulo Fernandes; Cunha,J; Rui Alexandre Pereira; Marco Linhares Couto; 5597; 6187; 5974; 5631
2015Spreadsheet EngineeringCunha,J; Fernandes,JP; Jorge Cunha Mendes; João Alexandre Saraiva
2015Towards the design and implementation of aspect-oriented programming for spreadsheetsMaia,P; Jorge Cunha Mendes; Cunha,J; Rebelo,H; João Alexandre Saraiva
2016User-friendly spreadsheet querying: an empirical studyRui Alexandre Pereira; João Alexandre Saraiva; Cunha,J; João Paulo Fernandes
2019Watch out for that tree! A tutorial on shortcut deforestationSaraiva,J; João Paulo Fernandes; Cunha,J; Pardo,A; 5631