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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Fractional particle swarm optimizationEduardo Pires; Machado,JAT; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2017From Single to Many-objective PID Controller Design using Particle Swarm OptimizationHélio Alves Freire; Paulo Moura Oliveira; Eduardo Pires
2016Grey wolf optimization for PID controller design with prescribed robustness marginsPaulo Moura Oliveira; Hélio Alves Freire; Eduardo Pires
2015Many-objective optimization with corner-based searchHélio Alves Freire; Paulo Moura Oliveira; Eduardo Pires; Maximino Bessa
2016Optimal Cable Design of Wind Farms: The Infrastructure and Losses Cost Minimization CaseAdelaide Cerveira; de Sousa,A; Eduardo Pires; José Ribeiro Baptista
2013Optimal location of the workpiece in a PKM-based machining robotic cellEduardo Pires; Lopes,AM; Tenreiro Machado,JA; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2014Reply to: Comments on "Particle Swarm Optimization with Fractional-Order Velocity"Tenreiro Machado,JAT; Eduardo Pires; Couceiro,MS
2015Six thinking hats: A novel metalearner for intelligent decision support in electricity marketsPinto,T; Barreto,J; Praca,I; Sousa,TM; Vale,Z; Eduardo Pires
2013State operation optimization in electrical networksPereira,P; Leitao,S; Eduardo Pires
2014Teaching particle swarm optimization through an open-loop system identification projectPaulo Moura Oliveira; Vrancic,D; José Boaventura; Eduardo Pires
2015Wind farm distribution network optimizationAdelaide Cerveira; José Ribeiro Baptista; Eduardo Pires