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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013High-gain amplifier with n-type transistorsBahubalindruni,P; Vítor Grade Tavares; De Oliveira,PG; Barquinha,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2013High-Gain Topologies for Transparent ElectronicsBahubalindruni,P; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2016Hybrid Microfluidic Platform for Multifactorial Analysis Based on Electrical Impedance, Refractometry, Optical Absorption and FluorescencePereira,FM; Bernacka Wojcik,I; Ana Rita Ribeiro; Lobato,MT; Fortunato,E; Martins,R; Igreja,R; Pedro Jorge; Aguas,H; Gonzalez Oliva,AMG
2016Influence of Channel Length Scaling on InGaZnO TFTs Characteristics: Unity Current-Gain Cutoff Frequency, Intrinsic Voltage-Gain, and On-ResistanceBahubalindruni,PG; Kiazadeh,A; Sacchetti,A; Martins,J; Rovisco,A; Vítor Grade Tavares; Martins,R; Fortunato,E; Barquinha,P
2016InGaZnO TFT behavioral model for IC designBahubalindrun,P; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; de Oliveira,PG; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2016InGaZnO Thin-Film-Transistor-Based Four-Quadrant High-Gain Analog Multiplier on GlassBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Borme,J; de Oliveira,PG; Martins,R; Fortunato,E; Barquinha,P
2017A Low-Power Analog Adder and Driver Using a-IGZO TFTsBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Martins,R; Fortunato,E; Barquinha,P
2016Novel Linear Analog-Adder Using a-IGZO TFTsBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Fortunato,E; Martins,R; Barquinha,P
2014Transparent current mirrors using A-GIZO TFTs: Simulation with RBF models and fabricationBahubalindruni,P; Vítor Grade Tavares; Manuel Cândido Santos; Cardoso,N; Oliveira,P; Barquinha,P; Martins,R; Fortunato,E
2013Transparent Current Mirrors With a-GIZO TFTs: Neural Modeling, Simulation and FabricationBahubalindruni,PG; Vítor Grade Tavares; Barquinha,P; Manuel Cândido Santos; de Oliveira,PG; Martins,R; Fortunato,E