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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Micro-displacement or bending measurement using a long-period fibre grating in a self-referenced fibre optic intensity sensorGaspar Rego; José Luís Santos; José Manuel Baptista; Orlando Frazão; Sérgio Santos
2007Novel Fibre Optic Based Structures for Sensing ApplicationsOrlando Frazão; Francisco Araújo; Paulo Caldas; Gaspar Rego; José Luís Santos; Luís Alberto Ferreira
2007Origin of Coupling to Antisymmetric Cladding Modes in Arc-Induced Long-Period Fiber GratingsOleg Ivanov; Paulo Caldas; Gaspar Rego
2007Origin of Coupling to Antisymmetric Modes in Arc-Induced Long-Period Fiber GratingsGaspar Rego; Oleg Ivanov
2006Polarization dependent loss of arc-induced long-period fibre gratingsHenrique Salgado; José Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego
2014Reflection-Based Phase-Shifted Long-Period Fiber Grating for Cryogenic Temperature MeasurementsMartins,R; Monteiro,J; Paulo Caldas; José Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego
2006Refractive index measurement with long-period gratings arc-induced in pure-silica-core fibresHenrique Salgado; José Luís Santos; Gaspar Rego
2006Refractometric sensor based on a phase-shifted long-period fiber gratingGaspar Rego; Rosane Falate ; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Fabris
2013A Review of Refractometric Sensors Based on Long Period Fibre GratingsGaspar Rego
2010Review Paper: Fibre optic devices produced by arc dischargesGaspar Rego
2007Simultaneous Temperature and Strain Measurements Performed by a Step-Changed Arc-Induced Long-Period Fiber GratingRosane Falate ; Gaspar Rego
2006Strong asymmetric stresses arc-induced in pre-annealed nitrogen-doped fibresF Durr; Paulo Vicente Marques; H G Limberger; Gaspar Rego
2007Study of LPG-assisted fibre modal Michelson interferometers with coherence addressing and heterodyne interrogationGaspar Rego; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; Manuel Joaquim Marques; Paulo Caldas; José Luís Santos
2005Tomographic Stress Profiling of Arc Induced Long-Period Fiber GratingsR. P. Salathé; Evgeny M.; H. G.; Gaspar Rego; F. Durr; Sergey L.
2007Two Types of Resonances in Long-Period Gratings Induced by Arc Discharges in B/Ge Co-Doped FibersGaspar Rego; Oleg Ivanov