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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Multimodal biometric recognition under unconstrained settingsJaime Cardoso; João Carlos Monteiro
2017Multimodal Learning for Sign Language RecognitionFerreira,PM; Jaime Cardoso; Rebelo,A
2011Music score binarization based on domain knowledgeTelmo Pinto; Jaime Cardoso; Gilson Giraldi; Ana Maria Rebelo
2011Music Symbols Extraction Based on Domain KnowledgeAna Maria Rebelo; Jaime Cardoso
2012Music Symbols Segmentation through RecognitionCuihong Wen; Ana Maria Rebelo; Jaime Cardoso
2010A New Linear Parametrisation for Peak Friction Coefficient Estimation in Real TimeRicardo Castro; Diamantino Freitas; Rui Araújo; Jaime Cardoso
2015A new optical music recognition system based on combined neural networkWen,CH; Ana Maria Rebelo; Zhang,J; Jaime Cardoso
2014Normal breast identification in screening mammography: A study on 18 000 imagesSílvia Neto Bessa; Domingues,I; Jaime Cardoso; Passarinho,P; Cardoso,P; Rodrigues,V; Lage,F
2015A Novel Application of Universal Background Models for Periocular RecognitionJoão Carlos Monteiro; Jaime Cardoso
2015Oadaboost an adaboost Variant for Ordinal ClassificationCosta,J; Jaime Cardoso
2007Object Segmentation Using Background Modelling and Cascaded Change DetectionLuís F. Teixeira; Luís Corte Real; Jaime Cardoso
2007Object-Based Spatial Segmentation of Video Guided by Depth and Motion InformationJaime Cardoso; Jorge Carlos Cardoso; Luís Corte Real
2013Objective assessment of cosmetic outcome after targeted intraoperative radiotherapy in breast cancer: results from a randomised controlled trialKeshtgar,MRS; Williams,NR; Bulsara,M; Saunders,C; Flyger,H; Jaime Cardoso; Corica,T; Bentzon,N; Michalopoulos,NV; Joseph,DJ
2012Optical Music Recognition - State-of-the-Art and Open IssuesCarlos Guedes; Ana Maria Rebelo; Ichiro Fujinaga; F. Paszkiewicz; A. R. S. Marcal; Jaime Cardoso
2010Optical recognition of music symbols: A comparative studyAna Maria Rebelo; Guilherme Artur Capela; Jaime Cardoso
2010An Ordinal Data Method for the Classification with Reject OptionRicardo Jorge Sousa; Jaime Cardoso
2012Ordinal Data Classification Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis: A Comparison of Three ApproachesInês Campos Domingues; Jaime Cardoso; Ricardo Jorge Sousa
2009An Ordinal Data Method for the Classification with Reject OptionRicardo Jorge Sousa; Jaime Cardoso
2014Outlier Detection in 802.11 Wireless Access Points Using Hidden Markov ModelsRicardo Morla; Anisa Allahdadidastjerdi; Jaime Cardoso
2009Partition-distance methods for assessing spatial segmentations of images and videosJaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Luís Filipe Teixeira