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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Ensemble of decision trees with global constraints for ordinal classificationRicardo Jorge Sousa; Jaime Cardoso
2012Evaluation of different incremental learning methods for video surveillance scenariosJaime Cardoso; Samaneh Khoshrou; Luís Teixeira
2018Evolution, Current Challenges, and Future Possibilities in ECG BiometricsJoão Tiago Pinto; Jaime Cardoso; Lourenco,A; 7250; 3889
2018Evolution, Current Challenges, and Future Possibilities in ECG BiometricsJoão Tiago Pinto; Lourenco,A; Jaime Cardoso; 7250; 3889
2007Factors Determining Esthetic Outcome after Breast Cancer Conservative TreatmentMaria Joao Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso
2015The failure analysis and lifetime prediction for the solder joint of the magnetic headXiao,XH; Peng,MF; Jaime Cardoso; Tang,RJ; Zhou,YL
2011Feature selection with complexity measure in a quadratic programming settingRicardo Sousa; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2012Filling The Gap in Quality Assessment of Video Object TrackingLuís Corte Real; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Jaime Cardoso
2015Fingerprint Liveness Detection in the Presence of Capable IntrudersSequeira,AF; Jaime Cardoso
2016Fitting of Breast Data Using Free Form Deformation TechniqueHooshiar Zolfagharnasab; Jaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2014Fitting of superquadrics for breast modelling by geometric distance minimizationPernes,Diogo; Jaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2017Foreword to the special issue on pattern recognition and image analysisJaime Cardoso; Pardo,XM; Paredes,R
2000FPGAs Based Hardware Applied to Block-Based Motion Estimation for Real-time Video ProcessingLuís Corte Real; José Carlos Alves; Jaime Cardoso
2013Global Constraints for Syntactic Consistency in OMR: An Ongoing ApproachAna Maria Rebelo; André Marçal; Jaime Cardoso
2012Gradient Flow Based Detection of Prominent Points on BCCT Depth-Map ImagesHélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2012Gradient Flow Based Iris Segmentation on Noisy ImagesHélder Filipe Oliveira; Ana Filipa Sequeira; Jaime Cardoso; João Carlos Monteiro
2011Hand Geometry Based Recognition System - A New Method with no Constraints on Image AcquisitionJaime Cardoso; Filipe Magalhães; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Helder Matos
2010Hierarchical Medical Image Annotation Using SVM-based ApproachesIgor Amaral; Jaime Cardoso; Filipe Emanuel Coelho; Joaquim Pinto da Costa
2010Hybrid framework for evaluating video object tracking algorithmsPedro Miguel Carvalho; Jaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real
2012Identification of benign breasts during mammogram screeningPedro Cardoso; Inês Campos Domingues; Jaime Cardoso