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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Hybrid framework for evaluating video object tracking algorithmsPedro Miguel Carvalho; Jaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real
2012Identification of benign breasts during mammogram screeningPedro Cardoso; Inês Campos Domingues; Jaime Cardoso
2009Image Retargeting Using Stable PathsHélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2010Improving the BCCT.core Model With Lateral InformationHélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso; André Magalhães; Maria João Cardoso
2012INbreast: Towards a Full Field Digital Mammographic DatabaseMaria João Cardoso; Inês Campos Domingues; Antonio Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso; Ines Moreira; Igor Amaral
2008Integrated Recognition System for Music ScoresGuilherme Artur Capela; Carlos Guedes; Jaime Cardoso; Ana Maria Rebelo
2011An Integrated Tracking Approach to the Assessment of Object Description ModelsTelmo Afonso Oliveira; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Jaime Cardoso; Lucian Ciobanu; Luís Corte Real
2006Interobserver agreement and consensus over the esthetic evaluation of conservative treatment for breast cancerJaime Cardoso; Maria João Cardoso
2014Iris liveness detection methods in mobile applicationsSequeira,AF; Murari,J; Jaime Cardoso
2014Iris liveness detection methods in the mobile biometrics scenarioSequeira,AF; Murari,J; Jaime Cardoso
2008Is Asymmetry Enough for the Aesthetic Evaluation of Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment (BCCT)?Jaime Cardoso; Filipe Emanuel Coelho; Ricardo Jorge Sousa; Maria João Cardoso; Teresa Almeida; Andre Magalhaes
2008Is Face-Only Photographic View Enough for the Aesthetic Evaluation of Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment?Jorgen Johansen; Conny Vrieling; David Christie; Jaime Cardoso; Maria João Cardoso; Andre Magalhaes; Teresa Almeida; Susy Costa
2013Is Kinect Depth Data Accurate for the Aesthetic Evaluation after Breast Cancer Surgeries?Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Silva,MD; Magalhães,A; Maria João Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso
2011Kinect Based Method for the BCCT Quantitative 3D EvaluationHélder Filipe Oliveira; André T. Magalhães; Jaime Cardoso
2016Learning and Ensembling Lexicographic Preference Trees with Multiple KernelsKelwin Alexander Correia; Jaime Cardoso; Palacios,H
2015Learning from evolving video streams in a multi-camera scenarioSamaneh Khoshrou; Jaime Cardoso; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2007Learning to classify ordinal data: the data replication methodJaime Cardoso; Joaquim Pinto da Costa
2016Long-range trajectories from global and local motion representationsEduardo José Pereira; Jaime Cardoso; Morla,R
2008Long-term cosmetic changes after breast conserving therapy for patients with stage I and II breast cancer treated in the EORTC ``boost versus no boost'' trialMaria João Cardoso; Carla C. Warlam-Rodenhuis; Jaime Cardoso; Henk Struikmans; Marcelle Immink; Hein Putter; Job Visser; Harry Bartelink; Evert M. Noordijk; Philip M. Poortmans
2012Long-term cosmetic changes after breast conserving treatment for patients with stage I-II breast cancer and included in the EORTC `boost versus no boost' trialJaime Cardoso; J. M. Immink; H. Putter; H. Bartelink; Maria João Cardoso