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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Partition-distance methods for assessing spatial segmentations of images and videosJaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Luís Filipe Teixeira
2010Pectoral muscle detection in mammograms based on polar coordinates and the shortest pathRicardo Correia; Pedro Passarinho; Joao Santa Comba; Maria João Cardoso; Jaime Cardoso; Inês Campos Domingues; Igor Amaral; Inês Moreira
2010Pectoral muscle detection in mammograms based on the shortest path with endpoints learnt by SVMsMaria João Cardoso; Pedro Passarinho; Joao Santa Comba; Ricardo Correia; Inês Campos Domingues; Jaime Cardoso; Igor Amaral; Inês Moreira
2015Periocular recognition under unconstrained settings with universal background modelsJoão Carlos Monteiro; Jaime Cardoso
2013Predicting short 802.11 sessions from RADIUS usage dataAllahdadi,A; Ricardo Morla; Aguiar,A; Jaime Cardoso
2009Prediction Model of Asymmetry in Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment (BCCT)Jaime Cardoso; André Magalhães; Ricardo Jorge Sousa; Maria João Cardoso; Susy Costa
2009Prediction of the aesthetic result in breast cancer conservative treatmentSusy Costa; Maria João Cardoso; Ricardo Jorge Sousa; Jaime Cardoso
2010A Preliminary Model to the Automatic Prediction of Aesthetic Results in Breast Cancer Conservative TreatmentJaime Cardoso; Ricardo Jorge Sousa; Andre Magalhaes; Maria João Cardoso; Susy Costa
2017Proposal for a gold standard for cosmetic evaluation after breast conserving therapy: Results from the St George and Wollongong Breast Boost trialMerie,R; Browne,L; Jaime Cardoso; Cardoso,MJ; Chin,Y; Clark,C; Graham,P; Szwajcer,A; Hau,E
2016A Realistic Evaluation of Iris Presentation Attack DetectionSequeira,AF; Thavalengal,S; Ferryman,J; Corcoran,P; Jaime Cardoso
2012Recommendations for the Aesthetic Evaluation of Breast Cancer TreatmentJaime Cardoso; Maria João Cardoso
2018A Regression Model for Predicting Shape Deformation after Breast Conserving SurgeryZolfagharnasab,H; Sílvia Neto Bessa; Sara Isabel Oliveira; Faria,P; João Pedro Teixeira; Jaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2014Reject option paradigm for the reduction of support vectorsSousa,R; Da Rocha Neto,AR; Barreto,GA; Jaime Cardoso; Coimbra,MT
2016A review of automatic malaria parasites detection and segmentation in microscopic imagesRosado,L; Correia da Costa,JM; Elias,D; Jaime Cardoso
2015Robust classification with reject option using the self-organizing mapSousa,RG; Rocha Neto,ARR; Jaime Cardoso; Barreto,GA
2014Robust iris localisation in challenging scenariosMonteiro,JC; Sequeira,AF; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Jaime Cardoso
2013Robust Iris Segmentation under Unconstrained SettingsMonteiro,JC; Hélder Filipe Oliveira; Sequeira,AF; Jaime Cardoso
2010Robust staffline thickness and distance estimation in binary and gray-level music scoresJaime Cardoso; Ana Maria Rebelo
2007A Shortest Path Approach for Staff Line DetectionJaime Cardoso; Joaquim Pinto da Costa; Ana Maria Rebelo; Carlos Guedes; Guilherme Artur Capela; Eurico Carrapatoso
2011A Shortest Path Approach for Vibrating Line Detection and TrackingPedro Miguel Carvalho; Jaime Cardoso; Luís Corte Real