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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Scalable Array for Cellular Genetic Algorithms: TSP as Case StudyJoão Canas Ferreira; Pedro Manuel Santos; José Carlos Alves
2016Scalable hardware architecture for disparity map computation and object location in real-timeSantos,PM; João Canas Ferreira; José Silva Matos
2016A small fully digital open-loop clock and data recovery circuit for wired BANsDerogarian,F; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares
2013Special issue of Microelectronics Journal on the Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems 2011 (DCIS 2011)José Machado da Silva; Renaud,S; João Canas Ferreira
2014A Time Synchronization Circuit with an Average 4.6 ns One-Hop Skew for Wired Wearable NetworksDerogarian,F; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares
2015A time synchronization circuit with sub-microsecond skew for multi-hop wired wearable networksDerogarian,F; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares
2013Tool to Support Computer Architecture Teaching and LearningNova,B; João Canas Ferreira; António Araújo
2014Trace-Based Reconfigurable Acceleration with Data Cache and External Memory SupportPaulino,N; João Canas Ferreira; João Paiva Cardoso
2012Translating an hash function from software to hardware: a functional programming approachPaulo Ferreira; José Carlos Alves; João Canas Ferreira
2015Transparent acceleration of program execution using reconfigurable hardwareNuno Miguel Paulino; João Canas Ferreira; João Bispo; João Paiva Cardoso
2013Transparent runtime migration of loop-based traces of processor instructions to reconfigurable processing unitsJoão Bispo; Nuno Miguel Paulino; João Paiva Cardoso; João Canas Ferreira
2013Transparent Trace-Based Binary Acceleration for Reconfigurable HW/SW SystemsJoão Bispo; Nuno Miguel Paulino; João Paiva Cardoso; João Canas Ferreira
2010Using FPGAs for Real-Time Disparity Map CalculationCarlos Resende; João Canas Ferreira
2013Wearable monitoring system for locomotion rehabilitationCatarino,A; Rocha,AM; Abreu,MJ; José Machado da Silva; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia; Zambrano,A; Derogarian,F; Dias,R
2012A Wearable Sensor Network for Human Locomotion Data CaptureJoão Canas Ferreira; Andreina Claret Zambrano; Fardin Derogarian Miyandoab; Rui Dias; Vítor Grade Tavares; José Machado da Silva
2013Wearable sensors for the prophylaxis of lower limb pathologiesAbreu,MJ; Catarino,A; Rocha,AM; Derogarian,F; Dias,R; Da Silva,JM; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia