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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013FIREMAN: Firefighter team breathing management system using androidMarques,F; Azevedo,P; João Paulo Cunha; Cunha,MB; Bras,S; Fernandes,JM
2017The first Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy gait quantification study - preliminary resultsVilas-Boas,MdC; Rocha,AP; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Fernandes,JM; Coelho,T; João Paulo Cunha
2017Heart rate variability metrics for fine-grained stress level assessmentPereira,T; Almeida,PR; João Paulo Cunha; Aguiar,A
2015Kinect v2 Based System for Parkinson's Disease AssessmentRocha,AP; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Fernandes,JM; Rosas,MJ; Vaz,R; João Paulo Cunha
2013Medical information extraction in European PortugueseFerreira,L; Teixeira,A; João Paulo Cunha
2015A Mobile Sensing Approach to Stress Detection and Memory Activation for Public Bus DriversRodrigues,JGP; Kaiseler,M; Aguiar,A; João Paulo Cunha; Barros,J
2013MonitorMe: Online video monitoring for first responders using a smartphoneRocha,AP; Pereira,O; Ribeiro,D; Fernandes,JM; João Paulo Cunha
2014Monkeys time their pauses of movement and not their movement-kinematics during a synchronization-continuation rhythmic taskDonnet,S; Bartolo,R; Fernandes,JM; João Paulo Cunha; Prado,L; Merchant,H
2016Movement quantification in neurological diseases: Methods and applicationsCarmo Vilas Boas; João Paulo Cunha
2016NeuroKinect: A Novel Low-Cost 3Dvideo-EEG System for Epileptic Seizure Motion QuantificationJoão Paulo Cunha; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Rocha,AP; Fernandes,JM; Achilles,F; Loesch,AM; Vollmar,C; Hartl,E; Noachtar,S
2014Neurondynamics: A method for neurotransmitter vesicle movement characterization in neuronsCarpinteiro,FA; Costa,PM; Espinoza,MS; Silva,IM; João Paulo Cunha
2015Neurotransmitter Vesicle Movement Dynamics in Living NeuronsMoreira,HT; Silva,IM; Sousa,M; Sampaio,P; João Paulo Cunha
2016A novel portable, low-cost kinect-based system for motion analysis in neurological diseasesJoão Paulo Cunha; Rocha,AP; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Fernandes,JM; Rosas,MJ; Vaz,R; Achilles,F; Loesch,AM; Vollmar,C; Hartl,E; Noachtar,S
2018Optical Fiber Tips for Biological Applications: from Light Confinement, Biosensing to Bioparticles ManipulationJoana Isabel Paiva; Pedro Jorge; Carla Carmelo Rosa; João Paulo Cunha
2014Parkinson's Disease Assessment Based on Gait Analysis Using an Innovative RGB-D Camera SystemRocha,AP; Hugo Miguel Choupina; Fernandes,JM; Rosas,MJ; Vaz,R; João Paulo Cunha
2014Precise 3D deep brain stimulation electrode location based on multimodal neuroimage fusionNádia Moreira Silva; Rozanski,VE; Sérgio Miguel Tafula; João Paulo Cunha
2018Psychophysiological Stress Assessment Among On-Duty FirefightersSusana Cristina Rodrigues; Duarte Filipe Dias; Joana Isabel Paiva; João Paulo Cunha; 6322; 5864; 6260; 6517
2017The Role of the Pallidothalamic Fibre Tracts in Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia: A Diffusion MRI Tractography StudyRozanski,VE; Nádia Moreira Silva; Ahmadi,SA; Mehrkens,J; João Paulo Cunha; Houde,JC; Vollmar,C; Botzel,K; Descoteaux,M
2015SenseMyHeart: A Cloud Service and API for Wearable Heart MonitorsPedro Pinto Silva; João Paulo Cunha
2018Single Particle Differentiation through 2D Optical Fiber Trapping and Back-Scattered Signal Statistical Analysis: An Exploratory ApproachJoana Isabel Paiva; Ribeiro,RSR; João Paulo Cunha; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Pedro Jorge