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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Bounded Model Checker for SPARK ProgramsCláudio Belo Lourenço; Maria João Frade; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2014CAOVerif: An open-source deductive verification platform for cryptographic software implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Filliatre,JC; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2014A Compositional Monitoring Framework for Hard Real-Time SystemsPedro,AD; Pereira,D; Pinho,LM; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2014Formal Verification of kLIBC with the WP Frama-C Plug-inCarvalho,N; Sousa,CD; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Tomb,A
2013Formal verification of side-channel countermeasures using self-compositionJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2016Formal Verification With Frama-C: A Case Study in the Space Software DomainBusquim e Silva,RABE; Arai,NN; Burgareli,LA; Parente de Oliveira,JMP; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2016Formalizing single-assignment program verification: An adaptation-complete approachCláudio Belo Lourenço; Maria João Frade; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2019A Generalized Program Verification Workflow Based on Loop Elimination and SA FormBelo Lourenco,C; Maria João Frade; Jorge Sousa Pinto; 5605; 5595
2013Interactive Verification of Safety-Critical Softwareda Cruz,D; Henriques,PR; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2015Logic-based schedulability analysis for compositional hard real-time embedded systemsPedro,AdM; Pereira,D; Pinho,LM; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2015Monitoring for a Decidable Fragment of MTL-integralPedro,AD; Pereira,D; Pinho,LM; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2017SMT-based schedulability analysis using RMTL-?Matos Pedro,Ad; Pereira,D; Pinho,LM; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2015Studying Verification Conditions for Imperative ProgramsCláudio Belo Lourenço; Lamraoui,SM; Nakajima,S; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2013Towards a mostly-automated prover for bit-vector arithmeticAbal,I; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2014Towards a Runtime Verification Framework for the Ada Programming LanguagePedro,AD; Pereira,D; Pinho,LM; Jorge Sousa Pinto
2011Veri&#64257;cation Conditions for Source-level Imperative ProgramsJorge Sousa Pinto; Maria João Frade