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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Characterization of zinc oxide coated optical fiber long period gratings with improved refractive index sensing propertiesLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; José Luís Santos; José Almeida
2017A chemometrics approach applied to Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) for monitoring the spoilage of fresh salmon (Salmo salar) stored under modified atmospheresSaraiva,C; Vasconcelos,H; José Almeida
2013Corrigendum: Intrinsic symmetry of Ampère’s circuital law and other educational issuesAnacleto,J; José Almeida; Ferreira,J
2015Detection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Thermal Deterioration Using a Long Period Fibre Grating Sensor Coated with Titanium DioxideLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; Santos,JL; José Almeida
2015Discrimination and characterisation of extra virgin olive oils from three cultivars in different maturation stages using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in tandem with chemometricsGouvinhas,I; José Almeida; Carvalho,T; Machado,N; Barros,AIRNA
2014Enhanced refractive index sensing characteristics of optical fibre long period grating coated with titanium dioxide thin filmsLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; José Luís Santos; José Almeida
2014Evaluation of the Spoilage of Raw Chicken Breast Fillets Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy in Tandem with ChemometricsVasconcelos,H; Saraiva,C; José Almeida
2016Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxide-Coated Long-Period Fiber GratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas; José Almeida
2015Fiber optic hydrogen sensor based on an etched Bragg grating coated with palladiumLuís Carlos Coelho; José Almeida; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas
2013H-2 Sensing Based on a Pd-Coated Tapered-FBG Fabricated by DUV Femtosecond Laser TechniqueSusana Oliveira Silva; Luís Carlos Coelho; José Almeida; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; Malcata,FX; Becker,M; Rothhardt,M; Bartelt,H
2017Improved long period fibre gratings sensing devices coated with thin filmsLuís Carlos Coelho; José Almeida; Santos,JL; Pedro Jorge
2013Influence of Diffusion Parameters on the Spectral Characteristics of Raman Modes of Titanium-Diffused Lithium Niobate Planar WaveguidesJosé Almeida; Agostinho Moreira,JA
2013Intrinsic symmetry of Ampere's circuital law and other educational issues (vol 90, pg 67, 2012)Anacleto,J; José Almeida; Ferreira,JM
2015Investigation of adulteration of sunflower oil with thermally deteriorated oil using Fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometricsVilela,J; Coelho,L; José Almeida
2017Low temperature oxidation in air of iron thin films monitored with long period fiber gratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; Santos,JL; Pedro Jorge; José Almeida
2015Monitoring of high refractive index edible oils using coated long period fiber grating sensorsLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; José Luís Santos; José Almeida
2017Monitoring of oxidation phases of copper thin films using long period fiber gratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; Agostinho Moreira,JA; Tavares,PB; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas; José Almeida
2015Multiplexing of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing Devices on Etched Single-Mode FiberLuís Carlos Coelho; José Almeida; Hamed Moayyed; José Luís Santos; Diana Viegas
2017New developments on fibre optic colorimetrie sensors for dissolved CO2 in aquatic environmentsLuís Carlos Coelho; Pereira,C; Mendes,J; José Almeida; Kovacs,B; Balogh,K; Borges,T; Jorge,PAS
2016On the enhancement of Er3+ diffusion in LiNbO3 crystals by Er3+/Ti4+ co-diffusionJosé Almeida; Sadac,C