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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Dynamic stability metrics for the container loading problemAntónio Galrão Ramos; José Fernando Oliveira; José Fernando Gonçalves; Lopes,MP
2014An edge-swap heuristic for generating spanning trees with minimum number of branch verticesSilva,RMA; Silva,DM; Resende,MGC; Mateus,GR; José Fernando Gonçalves; Festa,P
2014An experimental comparison of biased and unbiased random-key genetic algorithmsJosé Fernando Gonçalves; Resende,MGC; Toso,RF
2014An extended Akers graphical method with a biased random-key genetic algorithm for job-shop schedulingJosé Fernando Gonçalves; Resende,MGC
2009A genetic algorithm approach for the single machine scheduling problem with linear earliness and quadratic tardiness penaltiesJosé Fernando Gonçalves; Jorge Valente
2015A Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Alternative Tasks Subject to Technical FailureDalila Fontes; José Fernando Gonçalves
2015A Hybrid Biased Random Key Genetic Algorithm for a Production and Cutting ProblemJosé Fernando Gonçalves
2006A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Early/Tardy Scheduling ProblemJorge Valente; José Fernando Gonçalves; Rui Alves
2012Inverse Kinematics of a 10 DOF modular hyper-redundant robot resorting to exhaustive and error-optimization methods: A comparative studyJosé luis González Sánchez; Mario Sáenz Espinoza; José Fernando Gonçalves; Paulo Leitão; Alberto Herreros
2013A multi-population hybrid biased random key genetic algorithm for hop-constrained trees in nonlinear cost flow networksDalila Fontes; José Fernando Gonçalves
2016Preface to the Special Issue on Cutting and PackingAntónio Miguel Gomes; José Fernando Gonçalves; Alvarez Valdes,R; de Carvalho,JV
2013Special issue on "Cutting and Packing"António Miguel Gomes; José Fernando Gonçalves; Alvarez Valdes,R; de Carvalho,V