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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A new algorithm to create balanced teams promoting more diversityTeresa Galvão; José Luís Borges
2012A new method to obtain a consencus ranking of a region's vintages' qualityAntónio Carlos Sousa; Gregory Jones; José Sarsfield Cabral; José Luís Borges
2016OBAVUM: An Ontology-based Approach to Visualizing Urban Mobility DataThiago Sobral; Vera Lúcia Costa; José Luís Borges; Tânia Daniela Fontes; Teresa Galvão
2013An operating theater planning decision support systemGomes,C; Sperandio,F; Peles,A; José Luís Borges; António Carvalho Brito; Bernardo Almada-Lobo
2015Partitioning the grapevine growing season in the Douro Valley of Portugal: accumulated heat better than calendar datesReal,AC; José Luís Borges; José Sarsfield Cabral; Jones,GV
2017Predicting direct marketing response in banking: comparison of class imbalance methodsVera Miguéis; Ana Camanho; José Luís Borges
2016Risk-taking propensity and entrepreneurship: The role of power distance in six countriesAntoncic,B; Antoncic,JA; Gantar,M; Hisrich,RD; Marks,LJ; Bachkirov,AA; Li,Z; Polzin,P; José Luís Borges; Coelho,A; Kakkonen,ML
2017Semantic integration of urban mobility data for supporting visualizationThiago Sobral; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges
2014Semantically Enriched Variable Length Markov Chain Model for Analysis of User Web Navigation SessionsShirgave,S; Kulkarni,P; José Luís Borges
2013Time Automaton: A visual mechanism for temporal queryingCerto,L; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges
2015Towards a Conceptual Framework for Classifying Visualisations of Data from Urban Mobility ServicesThiago Sobral; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges
2016VUMO: Towards an Ontology of Urban Mobility Events for Supporting Semi-Automatic Visualization ToolsThiago Sobral; Teresa Galvão; José Luís Borges