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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014E-legging for monitoring the human locomotion patternsCatarino,A; Rocha,AM; Abreu,MJ; Derogarian,F; José Machado da Silva; João Canas Ferreira; Vítor Grade Tavares; Miguel Velhote Correia; Dias,R
2009Estimation of RF PA non-linearities after cross-correlating power supply current and output voltageRicardo Veiga; Pedro Manuel Mota; José Machado da Silva
2016Fault Diagnosis in Highly Dependable Medical Wearable SystemsOliveira,CC; José Machado da Silva
2014A Flexible Wearable Sensor Network for Bio-signals and Human Activity MonitoringDias,R; José Machado da Silva
2016A Fuzzy Logic Approach for a Wearable Cardiovascular and Aortic Monitoring SystemOliveira,CC; Dias,R; José Machado da Silva
2015A fuzzy logic approach for highly dependable medical wearable systemsOliveira,CC; José Machado da Silva
2014An I2C Based Mixed-Signal Test and Measurement InfrastructureSalazar Escobar,AJS; José Machado da Silva; Miguel Velhote Correia
2015Implantable Flexible Pressure Measurement System Based on Inductive CouplingOliveira,CC; Sepulveda,AT; Almeida,N; Wardle,BL; José Machado da Silva; Rocha,LA
2015Novel Textile Systems for the Continuous Monitoring of Vital Signals: design and characterizationTrindade,IG; Martins,F; Dias,R; Oliveira,C; José Machado da Silva
2011Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated SystemsJosé Machado da Silva; Sylvie Renaud; João Canas Ferreira
2005A processor for testing mixed-signal cores in System-on-ChipFrancisco Xavier Duarte; José Silva Matos; José Carlos Alves; José Machado da Silva; António Gabriel Pinho
2011Radiation Tolerant Low Power 12-bit ADC in 130 nm CMOS TechnologyFilipe José Sousa; Paulo Moreira; José Machado da Silva
2012RF-based Stent-Graft Endoleakage Monitoring SystemJosé Machado da Silva; Cristina Cunha Oliveira; Nuno Teixeira Almeida
2012Signal Integrity and Interconnection Test on Technical FabricsJosé Machado da Silva; Andreina Claret Zambrano
2015Smart Orchard Irrigation SystemSiqueira,JD; José Machado da Silva; do Paco,TA
2013Special issue of Microelectronics Journal on the Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems 2011 (DCIS 2011)José Machado da Silva; Renaud,S; João Canas Ferreira
2016Statistically Enhanced Analogue and Mixed-Signal Design and TestRamos,PL; José Machado da Silva; Ferreira,DR; Santos,MB
2013A Stent-Graft Endoleakage Monitor: Telemetry System Based on Inductive-Coupling Transmission for Implantable Pressure SensorsOliveira,C; Almeida,N; José Machado da Silva
2011Test of a Stent-Graft Endoleakage MonitorCristina Oliveira; José Machado da Silva; Luís A. Rocha
2014Towards a dependable cardiovascular surveillance systemOliveira,CC; José Machado da Silva